YoBitPro Review: Why You Should Not Trade With YoBitPro

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What is YoBitPro? Is this crypto trading platform legit and can you truly trade safely without having to worry about getting ripped off? It is highly unlikely and we intend to prove it in our YoBitPro Review.

The information on the website is scarce and several pages immediately deny you access if you have not registered. Nevertheless, it will not prevent the truth from coming out!

YoBitPro is not a regulated platform. To make matters worse, YoBitPro is basically an anonymous website. There is no available legal documentation that would shed light on the background of this platform and the company that founded it.

Based on our research, the website was created relatively recently – in March 2023,  but the other domain has been active since 2014, which means that this scam is not new after all. The .net domain has some legal text but it does not reveal key facts such as the company’s registration ID, address or jurisdiction.

Instead, find a reliable crypto broker that is regulated by a reputable financial market authority such as the FCA (UK), SEC (US), ASIC (Australia), CySEC (Cyprus), CONSOB (Italy), IIROC (Canada), MAS (Singapore), etc.

First of all, in order to obtain a trading license, brokers must possess a minimum operating capital of 730,000 EUR (European brokers). In the US, the minimum requirement is 20,000,000 $. Furthermore, the providers must offer their clients several security benefits and perks.

Negative balance protection, segregated funds, and a safe leverage cap are just some of the benefits. European brokers also have to provide clients with a compensation scheme worth up to 20,000 EUR. In the UK, the indemnification is even greater and can go up to 85,000 GBP. 

Have you lost money to the YoBitPro Scam? If so, please contact us for help. We can assist you in recovering your funds.

Negative reviews accounted for 72% of the total reviews. Please read these reviews to learn more about how the scam defrauded many unsuspecting traders.

 At first, I thought this was great. Deposit was easy, almost too easy with having NOT to verify much as the user. Investing was easy. BUT when you try to withdrawal, they hit you with tax payment fee for that total amount in the account and the fee could be 10%, up to 20% of the total amount in the account… I have tried for months to withdraw my money from them, but to no avail…

Never got our money or account from this theft website be extremely careful, this is a big fraud website, put your money always wirh known names such as behance etc… This site have telegram group lol what a fake unknown owners and no company. Trust me we lost all money with them hopeless case to get your money back all 5 starts review are fake…

As you have read in the previous section, YoBitPro sticks to its fraudulent practices. The broker promises instant deposits with zero fees and a seemingly unhindered registration process.

However, when it comes to withdrawals, that is where the issues arise. YoBitPro demands that traders pay an upfront fee, which is illegal for a broker to do. Even if a trader pays all the insane fees, YoBitPro still refuses to perform the withdrawal request and pay out the money. By now, you know where your hard-earned money goes…

Needless to say, this financial swindler is not authorized to provide services in these countries, especially not in the US where the laws are regulations are extremely tight. If you’re having issues retrieving your funds, book a consultation with our team.

To reiterate, as soon as we clicked the Trade option, which is supposed to open the web-based trading platform, we were immediately denied accessed and redirected to the registration page with the explanation that the session had expired.

Thus, we were unable to see the trading platform but from experience, browser-based platforms are usually lackluster and ineffective. It offers just some basic charts and indicators, with no advanced features whatsoever. The platform is unreliable considering YoBitPro’s unregulated status.

Trading volatile assets such as crypto tokens on a rigged platform is extremely risky. YoBitPro does not support valid third-party trading software such as MT4, MT5, cTrader, or SiriX.

To recap, YoBitPro is an anonymous and rigged online trading platform for cryptocurrencies. Active since March 2023, this unregulated platform has been targeting traders mainly from the US, Philippines, Thailand, and Switzerland.

If you are a victim of the YoBitPro scam, please book a free consultation with our team. We can help you recover your hard-earned money. If you deposited funds via crypto, tracing your transaction requires special software, CipherTrace. Luckily, our team specialized in using such software.

Book your free consultation today and recover your money!

Yes. YoBitPro is an anonymous crypto platform with no regulation. Stay away from this bogus website.

No. YoBitPro does not offer a risk-free demo account for testing out the platform.

A chargeback can be requested at the issuing bank. If you need any help or assistance, please book a consultation with us.


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