XT com Review – Shiny Website For A Rotten Cryptocurrency Scam

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XT com features a professionally made website that looks inviting, with many lucrative business offers. The company has regional offices in many regions, but we could not verify their credibility. Not only does XT com lack any license, they have a horrendous reputation.

Follow our XT com Review, as we tackle the many problems of this cryptocurrency exchange, and reveal why they are not a company you would want to do business with.

XT com is a multinational company. The firm is incorporated in Seychelles, but has headquarters in Dubai. They also have business centers around the world, notably in Singapore, and various European nations. This is what the company alleges, anyway.

Some 3rd party sources state that the parent company under the name of BZ Limited operates the XT com website, but this could not be confirmed either. With the little knowledge we had, we searched both the Seychelles FSA and Dubai DFSA for any companies named XT or BZ Limited… And got no results.

When we researched Tier-1 regulator databases for information about this exchange, we found a scam warning issued by FSMA, and CMNV take a look:

Many XT com clients complain about serious issues, such as stolen profits and blocked assets. There is evidence that XT com uses paid reviews to bolster their overall score and sales as well.

Here are some of the testimonials:

The support promised me after 1 week they would refund my money. It passed the promised date nothing showed up . They stopped responding to my messages. […] “

“ After 10 days trading, when I made some money and want to withdraw. XT.com just simply banned my account without reason. I cannot trade, transfer nor withdraw. When I complained to their helpline. They just tell me to submit a ticket which there is never a response, not even a email confirmation. […] “

“ I only had holdings of one primary crypto on this exchange. 10% of my coins just vanished one day.

I then traded the aforementioned crypto into USDT, and straight back into the crypto as an experiment. I was instantly down about 25%. […] “

If you have invested funds with XT com, consider seeking legal aid from our experts.

The domain XT.com has been active since 1997, but it has only started hosting the crypto exchange in late 2018. The people behind XT com have done a lot of hard work to achieve fake credibility on the internet. If their advertisement is to be believed, the platform has over 6 million registered users.

With such momentum, convincing people to join is not a difficult task. XT com is known for employing Boiler Room Agents through dating apps like Tinder and Badoo, so beware.

With such an impressive social media coverage, XT com has managed to become active on a global scale. The majority of the victims of XT com scam live in Asian nations however.

Here is where XT com victims are most numerous:

If you have deposited any funds that you might have issues withdrawing from XT com, our legal experts can help with your recovery.

The XT.com trading app for mobile devices is mediocre at best. It has a score of 3.2 on the App Store, out of some 220 ratings. The Google Play store has recorded around 500 000 downloads. This is far below the advertised 6 million users.

XT com has all the features you would expect from a cryptocurrency exchange, plus some more advanced ones. The company covers both margin and spot trading of many different assets, as well as leveraged trading for select instruments.

Without further ado, there are the trading instruments XT com offers:

The XT altcoin is the proprietary cryptocurrency launched by XT com. XT com also allows futures trading of select instruments.

Although anybody can create an XT com Login for free, but has no demo account to speak of. The account types are numerous, and dependant on the amount of achieved trading volume.

XT com offers leveraged trading to their clients, with the max leverage of 1:125. Leverage this high is another indication of foul play with XT com, since many regulators allow no more than 1:3 for crypto assets.

We have already mentioned the flexible Maker and Taker fees that depend on the account tier. When it comes to deposit and withdrawal fees on XT com are dependent on the used financial channels, and are calculated in cryptocurrency fractions. For instance, a Bitcoin withdrawal fee is 0.00003BTC.

XT com offers contests and bonuses with prize pools ranging up to 100 000 USDT! Currently, due to the special Carnival Event, clients may be awarded a 500 USDT welcome bonus.

You have already seen the client testimonials riddled with accusations of fraudulent business practices of XT com. A client can only withdraw their earnings in crypto coins, and the withdrawal minimum is 0.00033BTC. This makes it difficult to calculate the amount of fees in FIAT assets, creating a lot of confusion in the process.

If you have any similar problems, we’d like to hear your story. You may find our legal experts available through the live chat on our website at any time.

XT com is a cryptocurrency exchange with no verifiable regulation or a trading license. FSMA and CMNV have issued a warning about XT com being a so-called Pig Butchering Scam, or a Romance Scam if you want to be polite. It is difficult to ignore the bad reputation this crypto exchange has accrued over the years.

If you encounter any issues with XT com, consider seeking legal support. Our recovery experts are available around the clock, and you may book a free consultation via the live chat option on our website at any time.

XT com maximum maker and taker fees are 0.2%. These can be reduced to 0.02% for the more advanced account.

XT com is allegedly based in Seychelles, with a headquarters in Dubai. We have confirmed that this is false information, invented by XT com scam to appear legitimate.

Withdrawing money from XT com is impossible without legal intervention. Contact our recovery experts for aid in recovering your assets.

XT com exchange is an unregulated entity that is a known front for a fraud.

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