XKNN Review – False Legal Endorsement Claims Exposed!

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XKNN is not a common name when it comes to cryptocurrency trading. When you try to find any info on this company using a search engine, you will only find scientific documentation on lead-free semiconductors. Moreover, the audacity XKNN shows when it comes to self-glorifying is obnoxious, to say the least. 

This false crypto services provider can supposedly offer you innovative products, industry-leading security, and excellent customer service. To top it off, the site is supposedly regulated in heavily regulated zones. All of these lies and fabrications are exposed in the following XKNN review.

The group of “blockchain enthusiasts”, how the people running XKNN like to refer to themselves, are running a completely anonymous firm. However, they casually lie about being licensed in the US, Australia and Canada, where the strictest regulatory bodies in the world operate. Needless to say, after looking through each of the databases of the leading regulators in these countries no information about XKNN came up. 

Not only are they not listed in the countries where they claim to be, but not a single Tier 1 organization has licensed them at all, including FCA, CySEC, BaFin, and CONSOB. This exchange is by all means anonymous, dangerous and prone to scamming customers out of their money! Just like any other unregulated entity, FinRoyalty  for example, security conditions do not exist, and the customers’ deposits are in grave danger. 

Once a victim has been sufficiently warmed up, they will be directed to the XKNN website, which advertises amazing market growth. These promises of quick riches often turn sour, and clients lose their entire investment to the scam. If you have deposited money with the XKNN scam, you may contact our legal experts for aid in recovering funds.

The XKNN fraud was first launched sometime in late 2022. The scammers have set their eyes on the entire world, and have started scheming accordingly. Currently, the con is active in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

These are the nations where the XKNN con is most prevalent:

Luckily, it has a major security flaw, however, which let us briefly preview the trading application before it locked us out. Scammers are known to exploit this poor security to change the outcome of clients’ trades and make them lose money.

XKNN offers mobile trading to their clients as well. The applications are available for both Android and iOS devices. You may find them at both the App Store and Google Play, where they enjoy a nearly perfect score. This is a case of false advertising, of course, as the only purpose of these programs is to defraud traders.

This fraudulent company tries to pose as a legitimate crypto exchange platform. XKNN trading instruments are in line with this sham, and the company offers a selection of different crypto assets for trade. The selection is rather poor when compared to reliable cryptocurrency exchanges however.

Here are some of the assets you can allegedly trade through XKNN:

Deciding to open an account with XKNN is not recommended. However, if you do take a shot at it, you won’t be able to do it anyway. You see, when we entered all the relevant information, we kept getting the “invalid email” error. The other option was to try using a mobile phone for verification, but we weren’t keen to have boiler room sellers pestering us with calls. 

When we tried to get any sort of info about potential account choices we couldn’t. Not a single piece of information on the website explains the account types or if there are any to begin with. The prices are absent, as well as the minimum deposit requirement. 

Oftentimes reputable companies will allow you to trade risk-free during a trial period to examine the trading conditions. XKNN doesn’t allow a Demo account. The swindler doesn’t wish you to get overly nosy and eventually decide not to invest. Instead, you are urged to deposit as soon as you join this shady platform.

Lack of transparency is one of the major problems with XKNN. It opposes all the licenses they claim to have and it’s especially evident when it comes to costs and charges. The only fee that XKNN mentions is the overnight fee. What the Terms say about it is that the overnight fee will be charged daily at 30% of the commission when the user opens a position and it is deducted from the users total balance without prior notice. 

We’d advise caution when attempting to use any of the XKNN services. Sudden fees and their astronomical values are a well-known method for preventing withdrawals!

With that many things at stake, do you really want to invest with a shady crypto provider? Financial swindlers use any excuse under the sun to prevent your withdrawals. From abnormally high fees to additional docs needed. 

All the intel about XKNN we’ve presented in this review unequivocally prove this site to be a scam. While everyone is chasing profit through crypto investing, we strongly believe investing should be smart and calculated. However, if you’re in a problem, trying to withdraw funds, we can help you and force the process through the help of our legal experts team. Contact us anytime via the Online Chat and let’s book your first consultation free of charge!

XKNN is an unregulated cryptocurrency trading scam. If you have issues with XKNN withdrawals, consider seeking help from our legal experts.

You may contact XKNN customer support either via live chat or by email. The Live Chat is automatically translated from Mandarin, which might spark some misunderstandings.

XKNN offers trading various cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polkadot, Ripple and others.

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