Xifra Realtor Invest Review – Another One-page Website Peddling Fictitious AI

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While the xifrarealtorinvest.com website is made by a professional, the content on it surely isn’t. The site is riddled with translation errors, bad grammar and poorly constructed sentences. Sure, the primary language is Spanish, but a company that brags about being a “leader in innovation and disruption in new markets” should be able to hire a reliable translator.

We’re not here to discuss the quality of the translation, however, but the fraudulent intention that lies behind the site. Read more in our Xifra Realtor Invest review.

Whatever the leadership team behind this suspicious conduct is, they have clearly been exposed by several strict financial bodies. While the website claims that Xifra Realtor Invest is the name of their investment company established in Chile in 2014, proofs show otherwise. 

This makes it easier for the boiler room agents to swoop in and sweet-talk unwary traders into giving them money. Money that is later stolen, and becomes difficult to recover without professional help.

Here’s a list of the most affected areas:

The advertisements on the site only briefly show some sort of “Finance App” as the main trading program. It seems as though this was put in as an afterthought, as the company never actually provides any Xifra platform.

Without actual software, it’s difficult to believe any claims of advanced AI empowered trading. Not that such an AI exists in the first place, as many multi-billion corporations have sunk riches into developing such solutions, with little success so far.

The company doesn’t even mention any trading instruments either. Some markets are in fact claimed, such as real estate and hemp farming, but there is no full disclosure.

Regulated companies always present this sort of information in a clear and transparent manner. Means of generating a profit are of great interest to the clients, so it’s only natural that legit firms would disclose their strategies in great detail.

All of the investment plans are difficult to believe at best, and a complete sham at worst. The company makes a bold claim about infallible prediction accuracy and guaranteed profits, something even the giants like Black Rock can’t do.

Here’s a brief overview of what is on offer:

Although the site itself is available in about a dozen languages, legal terms are strictly in spanish. Unless you’re fluent in it, you’ll be having a hard time determining the costs of these seemingly super lucrative services. 

The problem isn’t just legal papers, but the absence of any such information from the website presentation, as well. When the situation is such, you can assume that your chosen service provider has a lot to hide. It’s always clever to stay away from such business proposals. You wouldn’t want to face sudden fees and taxes charged without any prior warnings or notices, would you?

Profit withdrawals are allegedly guaranteed with this investment portal. Right after your plan expires you’ll supposedly be able to cash in your returns immediately. However, the site presents zero confirmations of that. 

Additionally, there’s no details published related to payment conditions, methods, and processing time, let alone the taxes and commissions involved. What also makes us uncertain about the safety of transactions is the fact that only crypto transfers are available. That’s what can be found in the user area that deals with payouts.

Again, we have to stress the importance of using only verified and transparent funding methods, especially with cases where the platforms rush you into crypto deposits. Credit cards are far safer, and if anything goes wrong, you can always issue a chargeback, as long as it’s within 6 months since the deposit was made.

The worst thing you could do for your financial future is remain quiet about being defrauded. Not only will you miss your chance to get your funds back, but you will also help greedy cyber criminals earn. 

So please, allow us to hear your story and experience you’ve had with this, or any other financial con. We’re always available via the live chat option. In return we can help you issue a chargeback or track your crypto transaction. 

It is an unlicensed company that uses fake advertisements to steal money.

With no trading application or financial instruments, it is impossible to generate any profits with this service.

Fund recovery is possible, but quite difficult. Get help from legal professionals via the live chat on our website.

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