Withtap Review – All The Key Facts, Advantages and Disadvantages

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Withtap company is owned by Tap Global Limited. The company is registered since 2017 in Gibraltar and provides different high-tech solutions. In general, the idea of the company is to make money transfers easier and to maximize crypto payments.

However, the company is registered in Malta and Gibraltar under the name Transact Payments Limited. Continue reading this Withtap.com review to find all the features. But don’t skip our TradeXP, 27Option and ForexPrimo reviews if you want to know more about investing world.

In fact, yes. The company holds all the necessary licenses for domestic investment purposes. In this case, they are regulated in Malta and Gibraltar. However, the company doesn’t hold any Tier 1 licenses such as FCA, BaFin or ASIC. Neither that they have any Digital Asset Service Provider (DASP) license.

With this in mind, they can’t provide you with maximum protection. However, any license is better than none. Still, even with these licenses, you can find clients that are not satisfied with Withtap app services.

In general, 20% of negative reviews are a warning sign. That’s what Tap Global Group has on the Trustpilot platform. In this case, there is already 156 comments. Which makes this 20% even more worrying.

Many traders reported issues with funding issues, irregularities with withdrawals but also Withtap support. If you had any difficulties with this company, especially during withdrawals, feel free to contact our team for help.

The company offers specific cards to maximize the usage of cryptocurrencies and digital payments. Also, there are multi-currency wallets available that can generally be useful. But even with regulation, this company fails to deliver its services.

So, the idea is that you invest as much as possible to build up your account. Whether with Forex or Crypto. But their Gibraltar regulation might not be enough for experienced crypto traders. Instead, you can choose Tier 1 licensed ones and avoid any headaches. But if you need assistance during a withdrawal procedure, don’t hesitate to contact us for advice.

Tap Global app is available for clients worldwide. Thus,  most of their customers are coming from:

Thus, the company is missing both, the FCA and CNMV approval to operate in those countries. Nevertheless, you can contact us if you find any difficulties with this company.

Important to realize is that the company offers a proprietary crypto exchange app. Thus, the company doesn’t provide insight into the platform and we can’t check all their features. As can be seen, that’s just a basic crypto exchange app where you can also manage FX currencies and TAP cards.

On the positive side, Withtap offers a dedicated app for iOS and Android devices. Thus, the app has only over 100K downloads on PlayStore. While other trusted exchanges have more than 10M downloads.

Considering the goal of this company, it’s completely understandable they have only a few options. But the primary choice is Tap Global XTP token. But with tap crypto and forex options, you have more than enough to fund your account. To be preicese, you can use:

Tap Global Limited offers 3 premium accounts. Practically, the benefits that you get are lower trading fees, higher free withdrawal from the ATM and premium support. Those options are:

Important to realize is that every account type requires a higher XTP token purchase.

Tap Global crypto exchange doesn’t have demo accounts. This is a huge downside. Especially for regulated companies.Whereas you have many others with even stricter regulations but available demo accounts.

Withtap invest options are considered cheap. Because the fee for crypto transactions is only 1.5%. However, it can get even lower with premium accounts. On the positive side, the company has a fully transparent list of fees. But if you can’t withdraw money, as some investors reported, this list is useless.

Surprisingly, no. The company doesn’t offer any shady bonuse policies. The only bonus benefit you can expect from the company is lower fees with premium accounts.

According to regulations, a Withtap payout must be possible. However, some investors reported withdrawal issues. Even though the most attractive offer is Withtap cards, investors prefer cryptos. Thus, with a Tier 3 regulated company, you should be more careful.

Overall, Tap Global Card might be a lovely solution to global payments. Thus, if you are facing withtap withdrawal problems, then it’s not worth it. If you experience anything like that you should contact local authorities immediately and start the refund process. But if you find any difficulties there, you can send our team a message as well.

With expertise in financial transactions and advanced technology, we can track even hardly-traceable transfers. But also provide you with advice on your further steps. Most importantly, the first consultation with our team is free. Therefore, no need for hesitation. Get in touch today.

Withtap is an advanced technology solutions company offering currency and digital currency exchange on digital wallets.

According to their regulations, yes. But many reviews are pointing out that the company doesn’t follow the rules and regulations.

You should rather find a more reliable company with strict regulations and higher security standards.

Generally yes, but you could face potential issues there. If you find yourself in such a situation, don’t hesitate to contact our expert team for help.

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