Win Protocol Review: Stay Informed to Protect Your Funds!

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We came across this dubious online trading exchange and decided to investigate. It turned out that Win Protocol has nothing to do with winning or profiting. It is a scam platform and we will prove it in our Win Protocol Review.

Keep reading to find out how this manipulative exchange deceives traders and keeps draining their hard-earned money. You will learn exactly why unregulated platforms are risky.

Win Protocol claims to be a subsidiary of a company called Vin Pty. Ltd, based in Australia and regulated by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC). But, this particular platform is allegedly based in the offshore domain of the Bahamas and licensed by the local Securities Commission.

The British regulator states that Win Protocol is an illegal clone website of an actual legit UK-based company. 


As for the traders, they had some hard words for Win Protocol. If you are still interested in this platform, these complaints will surely change your mind.

“They are international swindl*rs, the firm well packaged their evil ways of wrecking people, the didn’t allow me to withdrow but the inter position of mcsheer -ínquest ensured re-paration was achieved.”

-Trustpilot user, June 6, 2023.

“The company I was dealing with turned out to be a scam and they use this company name. I am not saying it is this company but please check all aspects of authenticety.”

-Trustpilot user, January 24, 2023.


Needless to say, Win Protocol has no trading license and thus is not authorized to provide services in any of these domains, especially not in the US where the regulations and laws are super strict. 

Win Protocol provided a link to a private WhatsApp chat, which we assume is the main communication channel between the scammer and the traders.

Are you a victim of the Win Protocol Scam? Please contact us for help if you need help recovering your funds.


Market Watch is a platform that provides an overview of multiple exchanges at the same time and allows the user to place several trades. According to the website, Market Watch allows users to “analyze any market with our growing library of data visualizations for price, volume, order flow and more.”

This platform can also be used on a mobile device with Android and iOS operating systems as well as desktop systems such as Windows and MAC. Since Win Protocol is unregulated, this platform could be rigged, which is why it is risky.

Win Protocol does not support valid third-party software such as MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, cTrader, or SiriX. We suggest you find a provider that offers these advanced platforms. 


Win Protocol offers three live account types:

This unscrupulous platform costs a minimum of 5,000 $, which is an insane minimum deposit requirement, especially considering that Win Protocol is unregulated and blacklisted.

There are many legitimate brokers that will charge you just 10 $ for a Micro account. As for the maximum leverage, Win Protocol features up to 1:500, which is extremely high and risky. Top regulators imposed a leverage cap (1:30 in Europe & Australia and 1:50 in North America)  to prevent huge losses that are common with high leverage.

Trading costs, i.e. the spreads and commissions were not specified. How is one supposed to trade without even knowing how much the platform charges?


When it comes to payment methods, Win Protocol listed three options:

The minimum deposit is a staggering 5,000 $, which is absurd. Please spend this money on a lucrative vacation instead of risking it with the shady Win Protocol platform. As for the fees, Win Protocol claims that the company covers all the deposit and withdrawal fees.

We highly doubt that this is true. Nevertheless, there are plenty of reasons in this review why you should not trade on this platform. Avoid scammers such as Win Protocol and Withdrawal issues are guaranteed!


To recap, Win Protocol is an unregulated platform with no trading license. This website has been active since January 2023, targeting traders from the US, India, Brazil and France. Win Protocol was blacklisted by the FCA.

This platform is unlikely to return your funds, which is why you can book a free consultation with us and share your experience. Our team can help you with the chargeback process but you must act quickly.

Book your free consultation today and start the chargeback process.


No. Win Protocol is unregulated and blacklisted by the United Kingdom’s FCA.

Win Protocol offers a web-based platform used to trap traders’ funds. This platform blocks withdrawals.

You are unlikely to get your money back on your own. Contact us, we can help you with the chargeback process.

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