What to Do if You Have Been Scammed Online in Australia

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Australian citizens are one of the most targeted groups of traders by internet scams. Whatever the reason for that, be it their economic status or buying potential, the problem persists and requires special attention. 

In the following article, we’ll be dealing with the sole concept of online scams and their variations, as well as the aftermath and concrete steps to take in order to ensure protection. Stay safe down under: learn to recognize and counter scams in order to protect both your personal and financial integrity.  

Defrauding unsuspecting victims happens for many reasons – the main one being the financial gain of the masterminds leading the fraudulent campaign. It comes in many forms, sometimes from the sources and places you least expect them to appear in. 

Due to technological development and better and more subtle communication channels, scammers can contact you in various ways: via email, phone, or any of the social networks. Therefore, the most common place where scamming occurs is the internet, whether on social platforms like dating sites, online trading portals, marketplaces or other sites.

The reason for that is that everyone is connected for one reason or the other. Countless Australians perform their professional tasks online, communicate with loved ones, and do many leisure activities. Ever since the COVID outbreak, many have been forced to move their work and education online.

As much as it helped us all stay connected better and still participate in social activities, it has brought numerous dangers. The internet became a breeding ground for cons of all types. 

The way fraudsters act is so sophisticated and well-trained that you’ll not be able to figure out their intentions immediately. That’s why it’s of huge importance to educate yourself enough to always be cautious and able to spot the swindling attempt before it’s realized. 

Over the years, the persuasion experts behind many of these cybercriminal groups have developed different approaches to their misbegotten business. Some of the most efficient strategies that have been used to rob Australian citizens are:

Unfortunately, the world is full of unscrupulous individuals who look only to kick you when you’re down. A follow-up scam exploits the fraud victims while they are in an especially vulnerable state.

The operation functions nearly identically to a boiler room, with only minute differences. Agents of these follow-up schemes may already have client information, such as personal ID and bank statements. They usually acquire this data from other con circles that work as phishing scams.

There are a few ways how these follow-up con artists get a hold of their victims:

Nearly all con artists rely solely on the victims’ emotional response to do further damage. Exploiting this exact state of emotional distress is the follow up scammers’ specialty.

Remain composed, and try to follow these steps:

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