Whalestep Review – Horrible Experience That Will Leave You Broke

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With clients as their priority, Whalestep has allegedly developed their own high tech, quality and reliable investment solutions. So, why did they adopt the name of a popular musical group?

Whalestep website is a complete mess, with dazzling graphics that will make your eyes hurt just by looking at it. It’s also full of broken English, something that you wouldn’t expect from an alleged UK firm.

See the rest of our Whalestep review to learn more about the dangers of unlicensed firms.

Investing in such schemes puts your capital in danger. Segregation of funds isn’t implemented, as well as risk-reducing measures, AML standards and compensation plans.

In an attempt to bolster their reputation, Whalestep has employed review seller networks. As a matter of fact, the vast majority of testimonials and reviews of this alleged investment firm are fakes, posted by paid content creators.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, these agents are fraud company solicitors. They approach potential victims by phone, email, or social networks and make all sorts of false promises.

Once you’ve deposited, however, you’re not likely to see your money again. This isn’t final, though, and our chargeback experts are on hand to help you recover your money!

Although the company operates out of the UK, they do not limit their activities to this area solely. Since the establishment in July 2023, they’ve been expanding their area of activity to many more countries. Here’s a full list of their preferred hunting grounds:

If you find yourself pressured to invest, please consider seeking legal help to be able to withdraw your deposits.

Whalestep allegedly features investment options with guaranteed returns, but there are no dedicated accounts for this purpose. Whalestep doesn’t say how much funds they require, nor how much ROI their clients can expect.

It’s also possible for traders to participate in leveraged trading on multiple financial assets. Besides the master account, users can’t create separate sub-accounts for different types of trading or investment, and a demo is not available.

The company makes some vague mentions that they support a range of profitable solutions. To get any information about the trading instruments, you need to create a Whalestep login first, and access the trading platform.

Here is the selection of featured instruments:

The maximum allowed leverage on currency pairs at Whalestep is 1:100. However, this value wasn’t available from the website itself, but from inside of the Whalestep platform. 

As for the trading costs, the spreads shown are quite tight, which doesn’t mean they’re true, especially because the website owners do not include these parameters in the web presentation. The platform may show values that seem attractive because the broker controls the data and manipulates information. 

Since Whalestep doesn’t show any of the mandatory legal docs, the only information about withdrawals is available in the client area. Here, you will find a couple of options you can choose from, like the amounts and methods. 

The transactions are performed via Bitcoin, USDT and Cards. Since we’re talking about an unlicensed service provider, it would be safest to choose to transfer money via the most transparent channel – Credit cards. These allow chargebacks and are far safer than crypto funding. 

The only goal of Whalestep is to steal their clients’ money. The website of this alleged investment firm was carefully made to entrap unwary traders, and Whalestep boiler room agents capitalize on this fact. Whether any trading is possible with the Whalestep platform is up for debate.

If you’ve had your money taken by the con artists behind Whalestep, you may book a free consultation with our experts. We are available 24/7, and with our help you may yet chargeback your stolen money!

Whalestep is an unregulated investment firm and brokerage company.

No, this firm doesn’t own a license in the jurisdiction they’re allegedly from – UK, or any other.

The site supposedly offers fund-management strategies and leveraged trading for customers.

It is not guaranteed that the firm will allow you to withdraw your deposit. It is safer to contact our legal experts team for support in performing safe payouts.

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