West Global Investment Review – Steer Clear Of Offshore Deals

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West Global Investment broker claims to have adopted the principles of trust, excellence in service and diversity as its founding purpose. The anonymous company behind the scam machinery also dares to act as if they’re a leading world brokerage.

Immediately suspicious for its lack of transparency, this site quickly turned out to be nothing but a cheap, offshore scam. What’s more they’ve even been blacklisted. Read more on this and other issues relating to this website in our thorough West Global Investment review.

Whoever runs West Global Investment decided to stay fully anonymous and reveal absolutely nothing about their business. Nothing new, especially in the world of illicit brokers. Although the West Global Investment website mentions a SVG address, that means very little in terms of regulation. The reason for that is that the local regulator there – SVGFSA, doesn’t regulate brokers. 

Boiler room agents and catfishes in pig butchering scam schemes easily drag less informed investors into depositing. Once they start investing, the victims only dig deeper the hole they’ve fallen in. 

The key to protecting your capital from thirsty and ever greedy financial swindlers is not accepting any deals that sound overly good to be true. Always ask yourself how realistic their propositions seem and it will quickly become clear they’re lying. For additional info or legal support in fund-restoring, contact our legal team.

It is true that West Global Investment hasn’t been active for years or anything of the sort. However, the statistics show they’ve been quite successful in dragging unsuspecting targets into their sham. These seem to be the preferred areas for victim hunting:

You don’t have to reside in any of these countries to become their next target. After all, these are just countries with the highest numbers of victims. To protect your funds on time and restore your stolen capital, feel free to refer to our legal support.

Without even signing up first, you can instantaneously download the supposed MT5. Although West Global Investment allegedly provides the best Forex trading app in the industry, we were reluctant to try and download it from their site. After getting a safety warning from our browser, we decided it was best not to risk a malware or a security breach. 

Although we couldn’t verify the existence of a trading terminal, West Global Investment still claims there’s a number of instruments to trade. According to the website, these are the financial asset groups available for buying and selling:

After realizing that all of the graphs related to price movements of these instruments were all linked from the Tradingview site, we were sure no trading at all was being done at West Global Investment.

The drop down menu containing the account names is unclickable. The thing is that if you want to check out what each of the account types offers you have to go to the separate page of each one. If you try to sign up, you have to provide the verification documents that have to be revised and then you are either allowed an account or not.

Unfortunately, our account request was left forever pending and learning about packages was impossible. The pages do not even exist and you will get the 404 web error if you click on any of the accounts. Not even the minimum deposit is mentioned, and the same is with the demo trading.

West Global Investment is so untransparent that they only promise the world and never reveal a single detail about their trading environment during the process. Some parts of the website claim the minimum deposit to be only $100, leverage up to 1:500 and spread from 1 pips. 

Nowadays, anyone can claim whatever they wish on their web presentation. Without being able to verify any of these claims via a reliable platform, we do not advise you to immediately believe what the homepage of this suspicious conduct tries to convince you in.  

West Global Investment doesn’t for a second refer to the funding ways, methods and fees applicable. This complete anonymity is beyond worrying and the biggest reason why we do not recommend this broker. It wouldn’t be a surprise if the only transactions available were via crypto, which solidifies the scammers anonymity. 

Confirmed scammers like West Global Investment can easily cause you to lose your entire retirement fund or life savings. This can get investors indebted easily, but the swindlers couldn’t care less. Their only aim is to take whatever they can and make a run for it. 

If you’ve invested here, please consider sending us an inquiry about legal help. Using our Online Chat option can ensure quick connection to one of our legal experts that can support you and provide the advice you need.

No, this firm is fully anonymous and unregulated. The Financial Commission has even blacklisted them, which confirms they’re scammers.

The broker asserts that they provide MT5 but the download isn’t safe. Stay away from suspicious software and contact us for help in fund recovery.

The minimum investment should be at least $100, but that is something we couldn’t confirm.

The same suspicious download is available for both Android and iPhone users, but we absolutely do not recommend it.

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