Vbitex Review – All The Shady Circumstances And Hack Attempts

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Vbitex propagates their services as a mandatory tool for every crypto investor out there. This anonymous firm doesn’t reveal what their owning company is and their leadership team. The company was allegedly established in 2017 in Seychelles. However, other info present on the website directs us to other clues. Stay tuned as we investigate all the abnormalities about this firm, as well their reputation and line of work in the following Vbitex review.

Some unconfirmed information exists about Vbitex being previously hacked and robbed of clients’ funds, but that remains unverified. How can we know that it wasn’t the very platform that stole the funds and blamed a third party interference?!

All of this evidence is a confirmation that this platform is utterly dangerous, unsafe and doesn’t keep your funds secure. Stay away from such entities. 

Comparing this shady platform to others that operate similarly, you won’t find many differences. The approach may be slightly changed, but the general idea and moto are the same. 

Boiler room agents or pig butchering scams all attempt to sell suspicious services and ways to get rich. They’re all extremely persistent and convincing. Many of them do not shy away from being the most rotten emotional and psychological manipulators imaginable. 

Please do not accept deals that immediately seem overly good to be true. Also, contact us for legal support immediately after you’ve learned your withdrawals are locked.

It’s hard to put a finger on one nation, area or country where Vbitex prefers to operate and look for their victims. After several years of active engagement in the crypto market, Vbitex has had enough time to get the gist of what the targets fall for. 

Evidence suggests the customers mostly frequenting this site and reporting issues come from the following states:

What’s worse, it’s functionality is so limited you can only exchange crypto currencies, you can not buy them through the Vbitex terminal. That means you have to deposit crypto you’ve bought in another place and then use it to trade on Vbitex.

The firm that presents itself as a crypto platform is usually only oriented at various ways of trading one instrument class – digital currencies. Although Vbitex specializes in this tradable assets group only, their offer is quite poor. 

Just for reference, there’s crypto providers out there that offer various services for thousands of crypto pairs and single crypto instruments. These are the only crypto coins that Vbitex supports: BTC, ETH, BNB, LTC, SOL, LINK, XRP, ADA, TRX, and DOGE.

Instead of investing a bit more effort into expanding their offer with various packages, Vbitex doesn’t even discuss account types on their website. Therefore, we assumed there’s only one account type – live trading account. Since the site doesn’t mention risk-free trading, we automatically determined there’s no Dem, either. 

Account making is a painful process altogether. Not only will you wait an eternity for the email verification code, but you will not be able to register at all without the so-called invitation code!

One certain way to attract unsuspecting victims is to offer as lowest trading fees as possible. Therefore, Vbitex claims all Taker and Maker fees to be only 0.10%. Furthermore, the site states that no funding fees are charged! 

Terms and Conditions reveal a significant regulatory breach, by giving the company the right to deduct all fees and charges immediately and directly from the user’s account!

What all of the Vbitex scam victims report as the biggest issue with this platform are the withdrawal problems, obstacles and nuances. Vbitex doesn’t just stall the withdrawals, the firm allows itself the freedom to completely reject any withdrawal attempts under various excuses. 

Once again we have to stress the importance of speaking up and seeking help in case of scam. So please, if you’ve fallen victim to any shady scheme, contact our legal experts for help. We’ve become notorious in the scammer circles due to our efficiency in recovering funds lost to financial swindlers. Trust us to do the same for you.

Vbitex is an unregulated crypto exchange operating from an offshore location, since 2017.

No, this firm hasn’t obtained regulatory confirmation from any of the financial institutions.

The platform is allegedly a crypto trading software, but completely bogus and unreliable.

Cons do not allow withdrawal of funds. Contact our legal support for aid in restoring your stolen investments.

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