Usdtsnd Review: Uncovering Scam Cryptocurrency Operations

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If you try accessing the Usdtsnd website, you won’t be able to do so without prior registration. Therefore, you’re sending your data to the broker system. Then, their employees can start calling and asking for money.

Even if you register, you won’t be amazed. Our detailed Usdtsnd review aims to expose the scam and prevent more victims from losing their hard-earned money

Usdtsnd is entirely anonymous. There are no legal documents, no information about the owner, or a financial license. Furthermore, it’s unclear what kind of services the company offers. They require you to deposit the crypto you purchase on other exchanges, then transfer it and upgrade to one of the VIP levels.

However, it’s unclear what happens when you upgrade. Assumingly, you can use the money to trade and earn profit. If that’s the case, the company would need to register its business as a virtual asset services provider and obtain a regulation.

As you can guess, none of the Tier 1 registers contain the name Usdtsnd. Hence, we believe this scheme was created to extort more money from inexperienced investors.

There are a lot of questions about the Usdtsnd function and its operations. The company advertises crypto trading services but doesn’t present us with details about how the trading is done.

As with any scheme firm, they advertise crypto trading and incredible returns via social media. Once you submit your details, you’re registered as a VIP0 user. With this level, you can deposit and transfer the funds to other customers. However, if you wish to trade, you need to upgrade to the first level.

Note that reviews indicate that Usdtsnd withdrawal is nearly impossible. The company has no contact information, meaning you cannot get in touch if something goes wrong.

According to traffic analysis, Usdtsnd scam is mainly targeting citizens of:

Another mysterious thing is the trading platform this company offers, if there is any at all. Namely, Usdtsnd login is required immediately, and you cannot even access the site unless you register. However, once you do, you will be provided with level 0, meaning you cannot trade or perform any operations other than recharge, which is a deposit feature.

In addition, we didn’t find any mobile apps for Android or iOS. All this leads us to believe you won’t be able to trade or exchange your crypto but only lose it to a vicious scammer.

The company only mentions cryptocurrencies. Recharge, transfer, and all other functions are done through crypto, more precisely, USDT.

Once again, we want to remind you that it’s unclear what this website’s goal is. While they claim to offer brokerage services from the VIP1 level, there’s no platform or a Demo account that would confirm such claims.

Once you decide to upgrade your account, you can choose from one of the five VIP membership levels:

As you can tell, the minimum deposit amount is 50 USDT, equivalent to $50. Levels differ in the amount of daily and monthly limits. VIP1 lasts for a month, while all other levels are permanent, and you don’t need to upgrade unless you want to. Yet, it’s unclear what the perks of upgrading are and what you can get from it.

The company says withdrawal is only possible via crypto. They’re advising you to transfer USDT to an external wallet such as OKX, Paxful, or Binance, where you can exchange crypto for fiat currency and withdraw it to your bank.

Just like Profbitos, this company doesn’t allow any traditional means of payment, such as bank transfers or credit card transfers. Instead, all transactions are encrypted through blockchain. Therefore, we wouldn’t be surprised if you experienced withdrawal issues.

If you lose your money due to an Usdtsnd scam, let us know immediately. Global Fraud Protection has dedicated CipherTrace crypto analysts who can help you analyze the transaction and find the best way to recover your money. We will help you prepare a detailed report for all the relevant authorities.

Book a free consultation today, and let’s evaluate your case. Don’t let scammers run free.

Usdtsnd is an unregulated crypto company to avoid. If you have already invested and have problems with withdrawals, let us know, and we might be able to help you with the issue.

The minimum deposit with Usdtsnd broker is 50 USDT, equal to $50.

Usdtsnd doesn’t specify which trading platform it offers to customers.

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