Usdtsfk Review – Fraud Sites In Large Scale Serial Production

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It seems like there’s no end to these mass produced scams! The story did not end with and, as is another, completely identical fraud. The swindlers should just give up on names and assign serial numbers at this point. Jokes aside, we are in fact dealing with a group of dangerous cybercriminals on a crime spree.

Our Usdtsfk review will show you how these miscreants operate, and how to recognise telltale signs of a fraud. Keep your eyes peeled, and stay on guard for the next iteration of this exact same fraudulent platform.

Crypto investment frauds seem to be blooming as of late. The websites keep popping up and they’re all perfect copies of each other, owned by unregulated investment firms. 

Providing financial services is strictly regulated in all of the more developed areas and every platform needs a valid license. This one has none and we made sure of that after consulting regulators like FCA, ASIC, CySEC, BaFin, NFA and FINMA. 

We cannot stress the importance of choosing a regulated investment services provider. Not only will your trading and investment have a realistic chance at yielding profitable results, but your capital and personal data are subject to the highest security standards as well.

Boiler room agents operating via fake social networks profiles have an effective strategy prepared upfront. The complex labyrinth of lies you’re dragged into revolves around stable income, generated by an unmistakable AI. 

If by any chance their victims are still reluctant to invest, emotional manipulation takes place. First you’ll be subject to fake flirting and adoration. As soon as your trust is gained, that is when the talk about the profitable crypto investing comes. 

Needless to say, all of those endeavors end with you losing, so choose wisely which portal you team up with for crypto trading.

This particular fraud is directed towards the citizens of these countries:

Don’t ignore the warning signs! If you have money invested with this unlicensed company, contact our professionals to learn about recovery options.

The website itself is created to cater to mobile device users. This, however, does not indicate any advanced functionality. There is no discrete trading platform, and the website does not have any embedded functions that we would call adequate for trading.

Reputable companies will always provide either a custom-tailored proprietary app or an industry standard software solution, such as cTrader, MT4 or MT5.

Allegedly, the services this firm offers are all related either to cryptocurrencies, or cryptocurrency derivatives. Although a table of trading instruments does exist, it contains little in the way of any details.

The listed instruments are not numerous by any means, as there are only about two dozen. The examples are BTC, ETH, LTC, XDG, XRP, ADA, DOGE, LINK, DSH, and they are all paired with USDT.

The company features something that resembles investment plans but these are also poorly defined. See the following list for more details:

Financial frauds don’t need a well-defined fee structure, since they don’t necessarily profit from charging spreads, commission, swap or similar. This con scheme, however, takes the cake for opacity.

There is nothing on the website that denotes any trading costs, so naturally, investors are prevented from gauging the risks. This tells us that the Usdtsfk scam is directed towards novices with little experience in financial markets.

If any company fails to give you a full disclosure on prices and trading costs, it’s most likely not legitimate. Regulated companies are bound by law to present all charges in a transparent and easy to understand manner.

Of course a financial swindler would prefer to keep their anonymity and force you to deposit or withdraw funds only via crypto channels. Nowadays, this has become sort of a recognizable fraud sign. By preventing you from completing transparent transactions, the platform owners remain nameless and virtually untouchable. 

Additionally, none of the mandatory legal documentation exists on the website, and you are faced with the possibility of being asked to pay ridiculously high fees. Other extortion methods are also present.

However, with the right means and technology, we can help you get your investment back. Read the following instructions on how to quickly do so. 

The sheer number of these copycat fraudulent platforms has made sure that a large number of people around the globe will get burned. All these websites,,, and probably many others like them, target a different region and demographic. As you’ve seen in our Usdtsfk review, recognising the red flags is key to online safety.

If you’ve been duped by these dangerous criminals, don’t shy away from fighting back for what is yours! Get in touch with our team of experts through the live chat. We are available 24/7, and our first consultation is absolutely free of charge!

It is an unscrupulous investment website that invites you to put in your digital coins for allegedly high ROI.

Yes, as several other mass-produced websites, this is yet another con in disguise. Please consider asking legal support for safest withdrawals.

The scheme is based on promises of high stable income, but the cyber criminals get away with your cash as soon as you make an investment.

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