Usdtmil Review – The Scam Site Production Line Doesn’t Stop

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While copycat scams are not by any means uncommon, the operators of,,, and only seem to be more active as time passes. Another of these faux sites pops up as soon as one gets shot down, it seems.

The short shelf life of all these crypto frauds makes it difficult to recover your stolen assets, however. See the remainder of our Usdtmil review to learn how to get your funds back before it’s too late.

Crypto investment services are heavily regulated in more developed countries, but not in the questionable tax havens. That’s probably where this scheme is established, considering they own no Tier 1 license granted by FCA, BaFin, CySEC, FINMA or similarly strict authority. 

Since the website doesn’t publish any verifiable company information, we could determine that we’re dealing with an anonymous service provider. What additionally confirmed our doubts is the fact that no legal documentation is available on this crypto portal. 

These cryptocurrency frauds are usually most active on social networks, like TikTok, Facebook and Instagram. While this one doesn’t have their own account, they act through various intermediaries that share the deceptive content online.

Additionally, these intermediaries also work as boiler room agents, and try to find more victims using the old fashioned way – by pestering people over the phone. The easy money they advertise is enticing enough to get some people to invest.

The Usdtmil exchange scheme is directed towards these nations:

Quick registration opened the way to the trading area, which can’t exactly be called that. That’s because the Usdtmil platform cannot be located. Instead of establishing a functional terminal, with advanced analytical options and crucial tools for smart investing, the site only partially allows you to just preview the markets. 

Several available product pairs that are allegedly being traded is nothing but a short list and does not, in any way, reflect the functions of a trading software. What should be a trading area is another part that promotes the investment services and pushes traders into investing, without providing the opportunity to place orders. 

The general idea with this faux platform is to deceive people into crypto investments. The selection of trading instruments reflect this purpose, as it only offers certain crypto assets.

If you were expecting tens of thousands of different coins and tokens you’d see on a mainstream exchange, however, you’re in for a disappointment. Only a couple of dozen different assets are available, and they only list coins like BTC, ETH, DOT, UNI, CAKE, XRP, DOGE and a few others.

Creating a free Usdtmil account does nothing for the investor, because, in essence, you don’t get access to any functions, features or chance for trial trading. Instead, you’re urged to deposit USDT into investment plans that promise quite high profits in the form of alleged certain income.

There’s no need to say that all these ROI are purely artificial, and just a bait prepared for the Forex newcomers to fall for the financial trap. Here’s what is promised and how much each plan costs:

In addition to that, there’s alleged VIP levels that are unlocked with the deposit amounts and promise to provide lower fees and some hidden services that are never revealed:

Trying to find any info on what trading here costs – leverage, spreads, fees, commission or swaps is a Sisyphean task. This info is not hidden behind account creation or a paywall, it simply doesn’t exist. Of course, this is done on purpose, as it allows the con artists to invent any fees they like on the spot.

One of the usual strategies with these bogus firms involves asking for additional upfront payments to cover some imaginary fee or another. If you encounter such behavior, contact our legal team as soon as possible.

Investments made on this crypto portal are exclusively made in digital currencies. It is well known that although fast and swift, these transfers are not recommended to perform on suspicious trading sites. The most important reason for that is the fact that they’re extremely hard to track without the proper tools and software. 

Additionally, shady service providers can slap all sorts of fees, charges, unjustified commissions and trading volume requirements. All is done for the purpose of stopping users from trying to withdraw a single penny. Contact us immediately in case this happens to you. 

We’re dealing with hardcore cybercriminals here, so don’t expect any honest conduct on their part. It’s not just your deposit that’s in jeopardy – these people are after your crypto wallet, and secure information on your computer. It’s important to take prompt and decisive action in order to keep your funds and identity information safe.

Our experts can help you with just that. Don’t delay, the time is ticking before the swindlers ultimately pack up and leave! Contact our legal team for more information on how to get your crypto coins back.

It is a false crypto investment and exchange service that operates completely anonymous.

No, the firm is clearly not regulated as they do not present any proof of owning a crypto license.

Yes. However, you’ll need to contact our legal professionals to assist you in the process of money recovery.

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