USDBen Review – Transparency At The Lowest Point With USDBen

by admin company is one of those that most likely have hard-sales adverts but poor general offers. The company website is very simple and completely useless. At least for first-time users.

USDBen scam is mainly focusing on crypto investments. But with the website active since September 2022 it can’t be trusted as some other exchanges. Read this USDBen review before you get scammed by these swindlers. 

Most definitely not. The company is fully non-transparent. In fact, except for login and registration options, you can’t see anything else. Neither ownership nor license information. 

USDBen Forex trading is not available. Only crypto investments. Since the company’s website is not revealing any information they are most likely using aggressive marketing campaigns. Such companies like USDBen fraud generally use trading signals or software as the main advertised product.

Once investors fall for their quick money-making scheme and sign up, they are redirected to the platform. Don’t act too quickly because you could end up scammed. But if you already did, get in touch with our team as soon as possible to start the refund process.

As can be seen, both domains are active since 2022. Since then, the company is mainly scamming traders from: 

With highly regulated countries on the list, you know this company doesn’t hesitate. To keep your money safe the best option is to invest with licensed and trusted brokers. However, many traders are here because they already lost money. Feel free to contact us for further assistance.

The USDBen login feature is only visible on the website homepage. Considering weak transparency we can only assume they are using a proprietary platform for trading cryptos. After all, they wouldn’t be so anonymous about it if they are not hiding something.

Generally, such software is not reliable for many reasons. But the main one is a low trust score and room for manipulation.

We tried searching through PlayStore and AppStore for USDBen mobile apps. There is another warning sign. The company doesn’t offer a dedicated mobile app for tracking your crypto investments.

USDBen is practically a crypto exchange. Not a genuine one, to be honest. Anyway, you can expect a cryptocurrency offer from the company. Some of the most attractive crypto assets are:

In general, crypto exchanges don’t offer specific account types. They offer general promotions to attract investors. In the case of USDBen exchange not even that is available, neither is the USDBen minimum deposit revealed.

To make it even worse, the company doesn’t offer transparent access to the platform. Not to mention a demo account to try their app. After all, we couldn’t expect much from the company hiding its ownership details.

With poor general information, we couldn’t get much about USDBen fees either. Neither is commission information available. In general, if you don’t know how much it will cost you to invest somewhere, rather avoid it. Overall, such companies make unexpected fees and costs as the scamming tactic. This way they ensure traders are sending them more money.

Information about USDBen bonuses is not available on the website. Generally, bonuses prevent traders to withdraw funds. This might be the case with USDBen withdraw procedure as well.

Nobody with common sense would think that a USDBen payout is possible. Primarily, the company is completely mysterious. They don’t offer transparent legal information, ownership details or withdrawal policy.

Therefore, the only out come expected is USDBen issues with payouts. Sadly, the USDBen money back program is available with our experts.

For any problems with this exchange, USDBen support is useless. Because their goal is just to extort more money. Also, institutions and regulators wouldn’t bother much about these guys. Luckily, there’s CipherTrace software available to track crypto transfers.

This way we can ensure you where your money is and start the refund process. To find out more about how this software works and how exactly it can help you, contact our specialized team for consultation. Don’t worry, the first consultation is free of charge and without any obligations.

USDBen is a completely anonymous crypto exchange trying to scam inexperienced traders worldwide.

Most likely not. With such poor information availability about the company, you can’t expect them to run a legitimate business.

Generally, you are using hardly traceable crypto transfers with USDBen. But our team can help you with that. Get in touch with us to find out the ways for a refund.

No. The company doesn’t have any credibility and provides no information about the ownership. Therefore, it’s completely unreliable.

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