Urbis FX Review – Complete Fictive Offer Without Any Credibility

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Generally, we always suggest investors check all the information. For that reason, we bring you this unbiased Urbis FX Review.

In the first place, the company is not licensed to provide any kind of investment services. Primarly, not in St. Vincent and Grenadines. But also, they miss worldwide trusted regulations like FCA, BaFin or ASIC. Yet, they claim to provide honesty and integrity.

The easiest way to attract new customers is through quick-money schemes. In this case, the company promotes automated trading systems with more than 80% of success rate. Have you ever wondered, why would they call anyone for money if it really works?

On top of that, they have quite poor social media accounts. Facebook with just over 450 followers, non-existent Instagram and YouTube with 58 subs. Luckily they are exposed and it’s a matter of time before they will vanish completely. But before that, they might look for your money. In that case, contact our refund team for assistance.

As can be seen, they are just active for a few months. Considering CNMV’s warning, most likely they were also scamming Spanish traders. Thus, analysis says that they were mostly scamming victims from:

According to the company’s presentation, they only offer UFX automated software. Thus, all other details about it remain unknown. In any case, you should be aware of fake Urbis FX taxes. Companies with unknown software often use that as a scamming trick to extort more money.

Generally speaking, the company doesn’t reveal much about tradeable assets. It seems like they offer only:

Thus, to get more details about it you’ll have to open a live account with this scam company. Or apply for Urbis FX University.

Same as with many other details, the company remains mysterious about account types. None of the relevant details are transparently presented. Starting with minimum requirements, trading conditions or anything else. Even though Urbis FX Real Estate is something now it’s not clarified how exactly that works.

To check all the details they are mentioning, it would be great if they had a demo account. But they don’t. That tells you that the software is either completely fake or completely trash.

Another warning sign is the Urbis FX trading conditions. Since the Urbis FX login feature is not available for non-registered users, we can’t check all the costs. However, without regulations whatever they present to you is questionable.

In the first place, the company doesn’t reveal transparently any funding options. Therefore, all the fees, processing times and costs remain unknown. If that’s the situation with deposits, nothing better is expected for withdrawals.

On top of all, the company doesn’t have a withdrawal policy. So, plenty of space for manipulation. Be aware of AML laws, verification issues and non-existent fees and taxes. Those are the most common tricks scammers are using to extract your last money.

Considering the missing regulations, you can only contact professionals for a refund. The only thing that CNMV could do is issue a warning and make a public statement. Thus, for chargeback and other alternative refund methods, the best solutions are experts.

To find out how exactly our services can help you, you can book a consultation. Important to notice is that it’s free of charge and without any obligations. Contact us now.

No. The company operates without a license in the first place. Also, there’s a warning from Spanish CNMV against them.

The main risk is to lose all of your funds. Because the platform is fictive, trading conditions are non-transparent and they are unregulated.

Most likely no. If you face any issues you can contact our team immediately for detailed refund guidance.

Without a transparent withdrawal policy, it’s hard to determine any withdrawal conditions. Most likely it takes forever. Unless you know the tricks. Get in touch to find out more.

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