Unified.ee Review – Website Duo Scams Investors Mercilessly

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For an allegedly acclaimed brokerage brand with a global reach and over 1 million customers, this website sure seems poorly designed and barely functional. 

Once you start digging below the surface, you’ll discover a complex web of deceit. It’s all been presented in the following Unified.ee review, with all the recently posted regulatory warnings, so read on.


The user testimonials are far from good, with only 17% approval rating. Platform administrators have already posted a notice about the company receiving regulatory attention as well. 

The entire con circle is run by charismatic young people that know how to manipulate their victims. In the scam industry, they are known as boiler room agents, and they usually reach their marks through the combination of social network interaction, and phone calls.

The fraud works primarily in these areas, although they don’t shy away from other countries either:

If you have invested any funds into this platform, consider booking a consultation with our experts. The clock is ticking – act before it’s too late!

We all know what a reliable trading software is. For the best reference, we can use industry leading technological solutions like MT5. Known for its speed, advanced functionality and reliability, this trading software is almost every Forex trader’s first choice. 

Although acting as an investment portal, the company should have provided a Unified.ee app for the customers to participate in the process, or at least oversee the activities of the alleged professionals trading in their stead.

Not a rich choice of products to invest in is given. Judging by the information presented by the website, there’s two types of instruments to place your money on:

On the other hand, the alleged available trading assets should be the following groups:

Instead of typical account types, which we usually see on various brokerage and investment portals, this one offers something slightly different. It all boils down to the same old scam, however. Just because the name is different doesn’t make this sham any less damaging for your budget.

In essence, the plans include investment time between 1 month and 12 months, with the promised ROI being between 2% and 17% monthly, depending on the plan length. 

If you decide to choose between brokerage accounts, here’s the given options with the Unified.ee deposit requirements: 

A convoluted fee structure is exactly what you’d expect from an unlicensed company, as the legal documents make ample use of non-finance related jargon.

While it’s unclear whether this is intentional or just a matter of poor translation, the effect is complete confusion. We couldn’t find out anything about commissions, spreads, or leverage, for instance.

The only clue about fees is that they do in fact exist, but nearly everything is hidden besides monthly maintenance fee of €20, and an additional €10 dormancy fee after 365 days of inactivity. Keep in mind that many financial fraudsters use similar tactics to invent a slew of hidden costs.

Upon making your first deposit, the platform rewards you by doubling your deposit. This virtual cash cannot be withdrawn unless you meet the trading volume conditions, or make a transaction equal to the bonus amount. 

Like a snake biting its own tail, you’re forever stuck in this vicious circle. Legal docs don’t clarify what happens if you don’t meet the conditions in 100, how much time you have for that.

Bonuses with strings attached, complicated account registration and confirmation procedure, additional KYC documentation and untold fees are all the traps designed to prevent you from withdrawing anything at all.

At first, the website assures customers of their perfectly smooth and instantaneous Unified.ee withdrawal. All of that is just sweet talk to make you feel safe and rob you when you least expect it.

This firm is completely illegal, and does not have a single trading license. Generally speaking, the company has a tough time deciding whether they are a brokerage or an investment firm. Thus, anything these con artists say can be taken with a grain of salt.

With the website operating on a fixed expiry date, it’s only a matter of time before the scammers disappear with your cash. Contact our professionals if you need help recovering your money.

It is an unlicensed company that uses various deception tactics to steal from their victims.

No, the company does not have a license for any of the services they allegedly offer.

Recovery of lost funds is work best left to professionals. Book a free consultation with our experts icing the live chat on our website.

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