TrustsCapital Review – Watch Out For This Fraudster in Disguise

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Stepping into the trading area should be done with confidence, and proper trading tools and equipment. The broker that promises you top conditions and software for that purpose can only be a strictly regulated firm. 

Sadly, the case is different with the TrustsCapital broker. We advise you to pay particular attention to this TrustsCapital review if you do not intend to be deceived by petty scammers. 

There is no online content about this fraudulent circle, not even any TrustsCapital reviews. The “company” employs persuasive young people to pitch the idea of highly profitable investments directly to the victims. They mostly do this by phone, or through online chat services.

The terms and conditions, however, state that “all price levels in the trading terminal are determined at the Company’s discretion”. In other words, it means that the trading isn’t connected to the global markets in any way.

The con artists edit the market data at their own whim to show unrealistic profits, or high losses. Anything which would encourage more deposits goes, and the clients are none the wiser. 

These fake platforms often last for only a year, so it would be best to take recovery action as soon as possible. Our experts can help you get the money back, and you can use the live chat to book a free consultation.

Swindlers only want you to perceive Forex trading as something easy, fun and ultimately extremely profitable. That is achieved with the usage of a defective web trader. That is exactly what the TrustsCapital platform is.

In this case, the fraudsters promote a rudimentary web terminal that is allegedly easy to use, comprehensive and intuitive. However, the severe lack of advanced options, indicators and analytical tools is a proof of how untrustworthy these basic solutions are. 

With the website promising a wide variety of more popular and more exotic tradable asset groups, we were quite motivated to examine the full offer. 

However, as soon as we registered for an account, it was apparent that only access to digital currencies is provided. Some examples of these are BTC, ETH, LTC, ETC, XRP, SOL, DOT, and DOGE.

As soon as you see the minimum deposit requirement for any of the TrustsCapital account types, you’ll recognize their desperate attempt to scam you:

We’d understand this pricing if the bundles offered anything of value. Unfortunately, nothing but lies and empty words are sold with the packages.

Costs are not well explained on the site and only a 0.75% fee is mentioned (0.40% administration fees + 0.35% management fees). We had to rely on the information shown in legal docs. Here, it says that by signing up, clients willingly choose to allow the company to deduct whatever tax they’re charging directly from the user’s total balance.

The concrete trading costs, such as spreads, are just defined as “tight”, whereas the maximum leverage ratio varies from 1:10 to 1:200.

The company may, at its sole discretion, decide to distribute certain bonuses to customers. These aren’t available for withdrawal until you fulfill the conditions. The number of standard lots traded on the credited account has to be equal to the amount of bonus divided by 4.

Since one standard lot is 100.000 units of a currency, you can calculate how ridiculous this condition is and if it pays off to accept any cash rewards from swindlers. 

TrustsCapital withdrawal policy is intentionally created in a way that puts the client at a disadvantage. Every clause adds cumulative restrictions and requirements the clients must comply with in order to be able to withdraw.

Stacked together, these clauses create an environment where a payout is impossible. They include unrealistic trade volume requirements, especially when paired with high trading costs and minimum payout amounts.

Of course, this is all predatory action and is considered illegal in most nations. If you need help with payouts, contact our legal experts.

Don’t leave your funds with these cybercriminals! Contact our recovery experts today, and start fighting back for your money. We are available 24/7 in the live chat, so you can book a free consultation at any time.

The online trading portal is an anonymous firm, selling false brokerage services to retail Forex traders.

No, the company doesn’t appear in any database of regulated brokers, including the one in their own jurisdiction, kept by BVIFSC.

The procedure of disputing a payment for the purpose of recovering the lost funds is a chargeback. If you need help with any of the steps of the process, rely on our professional chargeback agents.

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