Tradex4u Review – Dark Scheme Sells Irresistible Trading Benefits

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The Tradex4u broker invites you to start your trading journey on their platform, show off your trading knowledge and ultimately get rewarded for it. The shady scheme claims to be the only online trading portal that could equip you with just the right tools and terms to profit. 

However, the conduct is unlicensed and unknown to authorities. If you wish to find out more and avoid being robbed, we wholeheartedly recommend you to read this Tradex4u review. 

The absence of useful corporate information in this case has made our investigation more difficult than usual. It wasn’t hard, however, to determine that the conduct is a complete and utter lie. 

Furthermore, no other authorities, such as BaFin, FINMA, CNMV and ASIC, have any record of this company. What we’re reviewing today is most probably an offshore Forex trading scam with no regard to the protection of their users’ funds, implementation of compensation plans and proper risk reduction methods.

The charlatans keep the victims complacent by showing them fake trading information. They make it seem like they are earning a fortune on the markets, and all they need is just one more financial push… Then rinse and repeat, until the mark starts getting suspicious – then they cut them off completely.

The firm’s reputation keeps afloat thanks to the ample influence of review seller networks. They post a few 5-star comments every time somebody complains, creating a misleadingly good impression.

Here are the swindlers’ usual hunting grounds:

Recognize the warning signs in time! Don’t be ashamed to contact our legal experts for help with recovery of your lost money!

The promised trading terminal is allegedly a proprietary Tradex4u platform, available for download in the two major app stores. Don’t get your hopes up just yet, though. The links are not active, and therefore, we tried to perform a manual search. The results show no such app exists in the popular stores.

Due to the account creation issue, we weren’t able to gain access to the user area at the time. Because of that, we couldn’t establish if the software was available in any form at all.

While not even providing straight access to the trading area, the Forex dealer still claims to offer a wide palette of assets:

Tailored, top quality service and a most diverse range of features is promised with all Tradex4u account types, just in order to justify the absurd pricing. 

We weren’t able to create an account at the time, due to the defunct application form. The swindler requires the following Tradex4u deposit amounts:

The idea of trading under higher exposure is marketed in such a way that makes traders want to unlock it in order to increase their winnings. Don’t be fooled, however, the ratio of 1:500 will only push you into loss quicker.

None of the taxes and commissions are revealed, including spreads and swaps. Additionally, if your account remains inactive for three (3) consecutive months, a 10% monthly fee applies.

The Tradex4u withdrawal policy exists only to maintain the pretense of an honest business. Instead of concrete information, all it contains are weasel words and empty promises. We have been contacted by a large number of victims that claim that this fraudulent company denied any withdrawal attempt.

They claim to have been required to pay additional taxes and fees up front, before their money would be released. This, in the end, never happened. It is still possible to recover the lost money, so book a consultation with our experts.

Knowledge, experience and years of daily work with the defrauded traders have helped us build the wisdom we need to help those in disdain. If you happen to have invested with this sham, do not hesitate to ask for help promptly. Our agents will help you book your free consultation at your convenience.

It is an unlicensed business engaging in fraudulent activities. This sort of a fake company is known as a boiler room.

No, the firm is completely illegal. None of the information provided on the company website checks out with the authorities.

Our professional team can help you recover the lost money. Book a free first consultation by using the chat option on our website.

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