TradesXM Review – What We Do Know About This Company?

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TradesXM brokerage remains mysterious to anyone since their ownership is not revealed. It’s not even available in their T&Cs. Such brokerages are already a bad sign. But if they have any top-tier license it would make the situation better.

In any case, you can already expect too many flaws. Otherwise, the broker wouldn’t be hiding behind the scenes. That’s why you have this detailed TradesXM review with all the facts revealed.

South Africa has its domestic regulator, the Financial Services Conduct Authority (FSCA). It’s quite a proven regulator in that part of the world. Yet, the requirements for the license can’t be compared to others. For instance, BaFin, ASIC or FCA.

Thus, if is licensed by any of the mentioned authorities, it would be better. However, they are not. Consequently, everything about this investment firm becomes questionable.

If you are not sure if you can trust the broker, just check their reviews. Even though reviews can also be fake, we highly doubt that some detailed comments would be unrealistic.

The whole idea of this company is to be mysterious as long as possible. But when they need it, they can put the ace from the sleeve. Basically, they will offer you anything you are looking for just to keep you in their pool.

Yet, in return, you can only expect problems and manipulation, especially during withdrawal procedures. Therefore, if you see any irregularity, don’t hesitate to reach out for advice.

Surprisingly, this brokerage is mainly targeting Balkan countries. As the analysis shows, their domain has been active since April 2023. For such a short period, they have earned too many negative comments. It’s just a matter of time before they get warnings from regulators. 

In any case, if you are coming from:

Feel free to contact us for refund advice and guidance.

In general, MT4 is highly popular among investors. This is primarily due to many customization options and advanced features. But without regulations, all of that becomes irrelevant.

In fact, this company claims to provide a mobile app as well. However, to get to the download option you must register first. This is not a good sign and this firm is most likely misleading traders about the software. If you only get a web-based platform instead of MT4, we suggest you run.

Important to note is that the company doesn’t offer crypto assets. Instead, there are bonds available. But, without an adequate license, all the data regarding instruments is highly suspicious. 

In any case, you can trade with:

Surprisingly, account types are quite unclear with this company. There are three choices, without any significant features. Instead of better conditions, you can only get support and educational tools. The options are:

Another warning sign is that the company doesn’t reveal the minimum deposit requirement. Therefore, traders must register for a demo. Even though the broker claims to have it, it remains unknown. In any case, it’s not recommended to test it.

The biggest scam sign comes with unknown trading conditions. Practically, none of the costs or leverage are known. Usually, when you see those, you know that the company will be manipulating things, especially during withdrawals. 

If you look at our Exobit review you’ll understand even better the importance of transparent fees and commissions.

Without a transparent withdrawal policy and fees, you can’t expect smooth withdrawals. Most likely, this broker will do anything to prevent you from doing it. After all, if you decline all their offers, you might get your account frozen.

But before that, be careful about non-existent fees and taxes. That’s how they extort the last funds from your pockets.

Since the company is practically anonymous, there is not much you can do. Except to leave your opinion wherever you can and sign up for a refund. Generally, payment processors are legitimate firms and sometimes you can get your funds easily through the chargeback.

But sometimes, you need advanced technology like CipherTrace for crypto. Whatever the case is, our expert team can offer you a free first consultation. Ultimately, the choice is yours what’s going to be the next step. Book yours now!

TradesXM investment firm is a South African company registered in 2023 with Europe as the targeting area.

This company is definitely a scam due to missing regulations and transparency about ownership, address or any other conditions. If you were scammed, contact us for refund advice.

The account types are basic, advanced and premium. But without any significant differences or minimum deposits revealed.

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