Tradercode Review – Key Features and Main Irregularities

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The first thing you realize is that this broker doesn’t reveal its ownership. Neither do they mention their headquarters country. Isn’t that a bad start?

But after reviewing all their features, you can understand their anonymity. Simply, their whole goal is just to extort money from people. But to find out how they manage to do that, we suggest you read our Tradercode review until the end.

Considering their anonymous location it’s not hard to determine if they are legit. You just have to check top-tier regulatory registers, such as FCA, BaFin or ASIC. Yet, their registers didn’t have any information about the Tradercode broker.

This is primarily due to withdrawal problems which are the main point of trading. If you were going through the same, feel free to reach out to our refund specialists for advice.

Since the Tradercode login feature is the only option, you can assume how they get more clients. Mostly through phishing and hard-sales ads. Once you leave your contact details they start harassing you and promising something they can’t deliver.

In the end, you realize that you won’t get your money back unless you know the right steps. But for those, we suggest you book a meeting with our chargeback team.

Feel free to contact us and share your opinion about this broker, but also request assistance if needed.

The company briefly mentions some AI Robot. But without a registration option, that’s most likely a fake app. Instead, there are higher chances they are offering a basic web trader. Since such software is manipulative, that tells you enough about the scam.

In fact, no. Without dedicated trading software, we didn’t expect a mobile app. And there is none. 

One of the biggest disadvantages with this broker is the lack of tradeable instruments. Even though they mention more than 300 assets, there is only one category available. That is cryptocurrency. 

But without any trading conditions revealed, that would be quite a costly journey.

Sadly, a demo account is not an option here. In the first place, the broker wants to keep its anonymity. But also to hide their lies about the software they are using.

The only mention of trading costs we can see about spreads. Allegedly, those are starting from 0 pips. However, that’s rarely the case. On top of that, none of the other trading conditions are mentioned. Therefore, plenty of room for manipulation.

Tradercode withdrawal is another mystery here. In general, we can’t expect much from a broker that doesn’t have a withdrawal policy. 

Therefore, you can expect various tricks, such as non-existent fees and taxes. But also, AML laws and verification problems. Keep in mind that they are not regulated and they don’t need to comply with anything.

In general, there are standard two options. Primarily to report them to domestic regulators. Secondly, to request a chargeback or apply for alternative refund options. With our specialists, you can arrange that with minimum effort.

The general suggestion is to leave everything to professionals. Otherwise, some mistakes can cost you more. Most importantly, our first consultation is non-obligatory and free of charge. So, get in touch now!

Definitely not. The company doesn’t have any valid licenses. Not to mention the Tier 1 category.

Most likely no. Tradercode broker is hiding its platform and all of its features. In such cases, a web trader is the most probable option available.

Seems like there is no such option. But if you don’t want to be harassed by this broker you can contact our team for advice.

Without a withdrawal policy, most likely forever. But if you experience any withdrawal problems, don’t hesitate to contact our chargeback team immediately!

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