Trader AI Review: What We Know About This Website

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Trader AI appears to be an affiliate campaign that claims to utilize both artificial intelligence and quantum computing for cryptocurrency trading, specifically focusing on Forex and CFDs in the financial markets.

That’s how the whole platform was presented to us on the website. But what about the legal status of this campaign, company, broker partners, etc? Is Trader AI legit? Find out in our Trader AI Review.

Although affiliate campaigns do not require a special license, you still have to make sure your company is transparent. This isn’t the case here because Trader AI seems to be an anonymous website and nothing more. 

If you check out the legal documentation, you’ll notice that there is no company ID or address. even phone number. The Trader AI contact page doesn’t even offer a phone number.

All we found was a clause stating that the “agreement (between Trader AI and the client) shall be governed by and construed in all respects in accordance with the laws of the UK.” But is Trader AI actually a UK-based entity? Not really, according to the UK Company House register.

We recommend you find a provider that operates under top-tier financial market regulators such as the FCA (UK), CFTC (US), ASIC (Australia), IIROC (Canada), BaFin (Germany), FINMA, (Switzerland), CySEC (Cyprus), etc.

If you need help in finding the right broker for you, we offer our professional assistance.  

There are no trader reviews of this platform. The website was created in April and yet, it features a header tab saying that “due to extremely high media demand, we will close registration as of 17/08/2023,” which is the day we’re writing this review.

It’s a cunning trick to entice traders to register as quickly as possible and invest in the shady crypto scheme. Do not fall for this trap. Trader AI is a virtually anonymous website without a phone number or social media. The only way to get in touch with Trader AI is via a web form provided on the website.

These are all major European financial hubs, especially the UK, Trader AI’s alleged home country. Do not believe the promises of this shady website. It’s much better to find a reliable broker from your own country and be sure the license is legit.

If you’re a victim of the Trader AI scam, contact us because we can help you get your money back.

The Trader AI mobile app (Android & iOS) is available and can be downloaded from the website. Again, this is an affiliate campaign that is supposed to connect you with a broker, which should provide the necessary trading platform so you can trade. Since we don’t know which brokers Trader AI is partnered with, we cannot say which platform you’re getting.

The Trader AI login page wasn’t helpful either. It is also important to stress that you should only trade on regulated platforms and valid third-party software such as MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, cTrader, or SiriX.  

The Trader AI investing plan states that there are no deposit, withdrawal, or overnight swap fees. The company only charges a 2% commission on all profits.

The Trader AI withdraw policy says that there are several payment methods available:

As mentioned, the minimum deposit is 250 USD and there are no deposit and withdrawal fees, allegedly, only a 2% commission on profits. These conditions are meant to entice potential clients to invest as much money as possible, believing that they will profit from the automated trading.

However, it’s highly unlikely that Trader AI will perform any withdrawal requests. That’s why it’s important to get familiar with the chargeback/recall process, i.e. how to reverse your transaction and recover your funds.

For starters, credit/debit card transactions can be reversed via a chargeback. It can be requested at the issuing bank within 540 days of the transaction. Wires can be reversed with a recall but only if the transaction is not yet completed.

To sum up, Trader AI is an anonymous website posing as a legit affiliate campaign and promising to hook you up with top brokers. Active since April 2023, this financial swindler has mainly been targeting traders from the UK, Germany, Poland, Spain, and Portugal.

If you want to retrieve your funds from Trader AI, you’ll need to request a chargeback at your issuing bank. This procedure can reverse MasterCard/VISA transactions within 540 days. 

If you need assistance with the chargeback process, book a free consultation with our team.

The Trader AI crypto affiliate campaign promises to link you up with top brokers with which you can trade Forex, CFDs, and crypto.

Trader AI doesn’t charge any deposit and withdrawal fees. There is only a 2% commission on all profits.

Trader AI offers you to trade various financial assets and instruments such as currency pairs, stocks, and crypto with a broker.

Absolutely not. This website is anonymous. If you already deposited funds, we can help you recover them.

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