Tradeopol Review – Trading Here Is a Risk Not Worth Taking

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Staying protected while making a buck is the prerogative of every single Forex investor out there. However, that task is made extremely difficult nowadays with the number of cyber criminals infesting markets worldwide. If you do not wish to become a victim of their trickery, we recommend you to read our Tradeopol review.

To ensure proper security of deposits, brokerage powerhouses implement Tier 1 regulatory standards enforced by FCA, ASIC, NFA, BaFin, CONSOB and others. This firm remains a dangerous offshore conduct that no one would recommend you to sign up with. 

More than two thirds of Tradeopol reviews on this platform were written by review seller networks. Currently, the company averages a rating of 3 stars, but it remains to be seen how long this will last, as the bad ratings keep piling up.

No matter how hard you try, you won’t find any information on the Tradeopol crypto broker unless you know exactly what you’re looking for. The con artists have made sure of that.

They have a pre-written scenario that helps them influence their victims, but if this doesn’t work, they use different methods instead. Extortion, intimidation, emotional manipulation – nothing is off limits for these money hungry criminals.

These charlatans seem to have a global presence, and target many different nations:

These professional con artists are not to be trifled with. If you’ve invested money with this faux broker, contact our legal experts and start working on getting your money back before it’s too late!

Derived of advanced options, reliability and functionality in its entirety, the simplistic Tradeopol WebTrader only exists to facilitate the scamming.

Charlatans posing as Forex professionals lead victims into risky investments while tampering with the data shown inside the platform. Of course, there isn’t a single trace of the advertised Tradeopol MT4 software, and neither are any mobile apps provided.

During the process, the victims are convinced they’re accumulating profit until a fabricated market change happens and they lose everything. In other cases, cyber criminals simply disappear along with the platform after they’ve collected enough capital from deposits.

The scarce information on the website doesn’t offer much clarity when it comes to concrete tradable products available. These are the several groups of instruments listed:

Tradeopol account types are insanely costly, just take a look at these price tags:

To justify these steep minimum deposits, the swindlers claim to offer some benefits. Only the most expensive of these accounts offer negative balance protection, something that is mandatory by law in most nations!

These guys have a fee for everything. There’s a withdrawal fee of 3.5% for bank cards and e-wallets, and $30 for bank wires.

Inactivity fee is tiered, starts with $80 after a month, and rises to $120 after 2 months and a whopping $200 after 6 months. That doesn’t count in a $10 monthly maintenance fee, of course.

You want to reactivate a dormant account? You can, if you cough up $2,000! To drain your funds dry, there’s the excessive leverage of 1:400. While the starting spreads are allegedly tight at 1.1 Pips, a high commission of 0.5% offsets any benefits.

Nothing we’ve seen on the website points out that this crooked group would ever let you withdraw. The word isn’t even mentioned in the Terms and Conditions.

With all of the trading conditions stacked against you, however, quickly there will be little to withdraw either way. This doesn’t mean that you should let the swindlers win – contact our experts, and start fighting back!

The entire website run by this alleged company is one huge trap. It’s intended to let you believe you’re trading and losing money on the market, and hide the truth that you’ve never had a chance at profiting in the first place.

Don’t believe unlicensed companies! If you have invested with any suspicious firm, consider booking a free consultation with our professionals. We are available around the clock for your convenience, and you may reach us via the live chat.

It is a fraudulent entity, designed to take the victims’ money as efficiently as possible.

No, there isn’t a single trace of any regulation to be found. The firm is completely illegal!

Contact our experts! We have the know-how that will help you recover your lost money.

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