Top 25 Financial Regulators – Best Financial Regulators For Forex & CFD Trading

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Forex and CFD trading online has been prevalent in the past ten years. However, it’s tied to certain risks. One risk itself is market volatility, and that’s unavoidable. Yet, there are risks you can avoid related to trading with a broker that’s not under regulators’ supervision.

When a firm has no license, it doesn’t comply with your country’s regulators and their regime. That means the broker doesn’t have to keep your funds in segregated accounts. It also has no obligation to participate in the compensation scheme fund and can vanish anytime.

Let’s go through our list of the top 25 financial regulators that provide a high level of security.

Finally, you can fill out the form online:

If you wish to submit a complaint, you can do it through BaFin’s consumer line:

CONSOB demands brokers have sufficient funds to reimburse potential victims. It also demands limiting leverage to 1:30 and explicitly listing all their activities, e.g., offered trading instruments. Of course, clients’ funds must be kept in segregated accounts, and the broker needs to file an annual audit report.

In case of an issue, customers must submit a complaint to the broker first and wait for their answer for 60 days. Then, the issue is escalated to the Arbitrator within one year of the submission to the broker. It has to be done following these conditions.

The form can be submitted online through the following link:

Besides FMA, all brokers must register with the Financial Service Providers Register (FSPR). It supervises financial services providers based on the Reserve Bank of New Zealand Act and the Insurance (Prudential Supervision) Act.

Brokers must follow the insurance act and participate in the compensation fund. Unlike other regulators, FMA allows leverage as high as 1:500 for Forex pairs.

If you have issues with an FMA-licensed broker, you can request assistance from the Insurance. You can also contact Financial Services Ombudsman Scheme or make a complaint via phone.

FINMA is another one of the Tier 1 zone regulators, the main body in Switzerland. It demands the following:

As of 2020, Switzerland introduced Financial Service Providers Ombudsman. It should be a mediator for all issues between brokers and clients under FINMA supervision.

You can contact the regulator using the following phone number and email address:

Some of its demands are a leverage limit of 1:30 and high minimal operational capital corresponding to the amount of invested capital. Additionally, they demand keeping clients’ funds in segregated bank accounts.

In case of an issue, you must submit a complaint to the broker first, then reach out to this authority.

The complaint is submitted online using the following form:

The leverage is determined by the US’s second most significant Forex trading regulator, NFA.

You can file a complaint about the brokerage by calling the following number:

According to it, NFA members must keep accurate information about the customer, including futures trading details and Forex trading experience.

The leverage is limited to 1:25 for new and 1:50 for other retail traders.

If you wish to file a complaint, you can use the following link:

What’s more, SEC ensures that all the stock exchanges in the US market operate under the same terms. Further, they penalize companies for stealing customers’ funds or handling them inappropriately.

If you suspect any wrongdoing by your broker, you can file a complaint using the following form:

DFSA, or Dubai Financial Services Authority, is one of the largest Middle East regulators. Forex and CFD brokers follow strict rules and can be set on the same level as FCA or ASIC.

DFSA license clearly specifies which trading services can be conducted and under which terms. The leverage ranges from 1:20-1:50, depending on the asset. Islamic traders are also free of swaps, in line with religious beliefs. 

Forex trading in Singapore is legal thanks to the supervision of MAS or the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

Recently, this regulatory body reduced the leverage cap to 1:20 due to high trading risks. Further, it requires companies to have a high minimal operational capital and comply with other rules.

If you wish to report the illicit activity of a MAS-regulated broker, you can reach the regulator using the following phone number:

Further, you can turn to Financial Industry Disputes Resolution Centre Ltd. It is in charge of disputes with financial institutions. You can reach them by phone or email:

The complaint to this authority body can be filed via email or postal mail.

ISA requires the following:

At the same time, ISA banned binary options trading in this country. If you wish to file a complaint, you can do it through the regulator’s website.

Thus, CFDs and Forex assets with leverage are unavailable to Belgian residents. Further, binary options trading is banned as well.

ESMA, or European Securities and Markets Authority, is a uniform body overseeing Forex and CFD trading in the European Economic Area. This body is in charge of the following:

As you can tell, ESMA’s role is mainly to limit risks and protect clients’ funds. It’s done through their directives, the most famous being MiFID and MiFID 2. The first is rules countries and brokers should strive to respect, while MiFID 2 rules are mandatory.

This regulator also proposes other measures for limiting risks and the company’s liquidity.

You can also file an electronic complaint through their website.

This body governs the activities of investment firms according to its Universal Market Integrity Rules. According to it, the leverage limit in the country is 1:50 for retail traders.

If you wish to file a complaint with IIROC, you can do it as follows:

If you have experienced any issues with DFSA-licensed brokerage, you can file a complaint via phone, email, or online.

So, if you wish to file any complaints against CSSF-licensed firms, you can do it via phone or email:

If you have experienced any issues trading with an SC-regulated broker, you can file a complaint by filling out the PDF form on the website. The filled form should be emailed or sent via mail.

Securities Commission Malaysia No 3 Persiaran Bukit Kiara, Bukit Kiara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur.

According to it, there’s no leverage cap, making this country appealing and dangerous for trading. FSCA helps customers with restoring funds in case of bankruptcy or financial scams.

Note that most of the regulators mentioned above regularly update their warning lists. You can search through them and potentially find your brokerage. That way, you can avoid being defrauded.

Every information you provide us with brings us a step closer to resolving the dispute successfully.

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