TokpieDEX Review – Substantial Passive Income Promises Are A Farce

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Venturing into the crypto world cannot happen without taking some risks. Due to the high volatility of these products, you should first make sure the platform you pick for investments is fully legit. 

Without regulatory oversight, the TokpieDEX scam and similar opportunists will try to make you their next target. 

Although these crypto portals offer the widest range of services, they still lack the license to sell such products. Some of the services you may encounter at such sites are DeFI mining, USDT staking, leveraged trading on crypto products, binary options trading and other risky endeavors.

Before taking up any of these dangerous deals, there’s a few crucial aspects you should be aware of.

Our impartial TokpieDEX review shines light on the recently established, one-page fraudulent project of a crypto website.

What immediately distinguishes a cyber thief from a reputable service provider is the fact that the swindler wants to stay anonymous at all costs. That’s why this website doesn’t reveal any corporate details or even the country they operate from. 

Because of that, we couldn’t even determine the regulatory body in charge. Since that is so, we started checking with the most prominent regulators if they have any records on this dubious business. 

The several reviews present there have all rated the company with a lowest grade for being through hell because of the ruthless TikTok and Twitter romance scam. Keep reading this review to learn how it unfolds in reality. 

As witnessed by the several defrauded crypto investors, the most employed method in the fraudulent scheme seems to be the pig butchering strategy. Such a scheme operates through fake social networks profiles that con artists use to approach potential victims. 

Once a strong emotional connection is established, they will ask their targets to invest in suspicious deals that promise huge returns. Be extremely careful if you ever encounter these scam agents. Do not easily give out your personal details and contact us for legal support in restoring lost investments. 

For about a year, how long this unscrupulous scheme operates, we can determine that they do not have a preferred area or clientele. Victims from all over the world have been targeted, most of them reside in these countries:

Even if you’ve already made a deposit with this sham, it is still not too late- our chargeback experts can help you take back your capital!

The TokpieDEX platform doesn’t take orders until you invest. But that’s not even the worst part. The fact that it lacks even the basic analytical features and customization tools is just the beginning of the nightmare. 

Such simplistic softwares is often presented to traders because they can easily be manipulated to show unreal profit and loss. This helps the cyber criminals get a hold of your capital easily and under any excuse.

The buying and selling of crypto products is done against USDT. That’s how you will be able to only trade crypto currencies paired with this default currency. Some of the examples are:

The nameless TokpieDEX accounts are customized for staking and mining activities. The point is to get you to invest USDT and expect an allegedly high guaranteed return. Here’s the three staking plans and their prices:

Mining works differently, and the expected returns in ETH are promised to be from 0.002 to 0.008 depending on the miner fee you pay. This amount isn’t disclosed.

Everywhere throughout the website you will see mentions of trading fee, mining fee, investment fee and transaction fee. The fact that these taxes follow every single function you wish to use are pretty concerning, especially because they’re completely covered up. 

As soon as you make an investment with this crypto portal, you will not be able to take it back on your own and without legal help. Additionally, all of the promised profit is also fully falsified, so it is just as fake as all other promises made by boiler room agents. 

The lack of legal documentation related to monetary transfers and payouts is also a sign that you simply cannot trust this firm. 

Lastly, safeguarding their anonymity at any price, the service provider only allows crypto transactions, which are almost irreversible without the right means.

With the idea of providing defrauded crypto investors the best chance at restoring their hard-earned money, we’ve formed a team of chargeback experts and legal professionals. Our crew has the right tools, experience and the knowledge necessary to support you on your mission to take back what is rightfully yours. 

Please do not give up what belongs to you. It will only make the cyber criminals happy. Contact us today via the online chat and book your free consultation!

It’s a crypto investment scam that invites you to invest your digital coin and expect high ROI but this is untrue.

No, it is not suitable for any type of investor or trader. If you’ve already invested here, please contact us ASAP for directions on how to get a hold of your funds again.

The idea is to have users invest USDT while promising extremely high profit in a matter of 3 to 15 days.

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