Tokencan Review: Inactive Crypto Project Getting Investor Money

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At the time of writing, we were unable to get any information from the Tokencan website. Each tab shows that help is no longer available, leading us to believe the project is inactive.

However, why do they still accept client deposits if this is the case? Ensure you read our detailed Tokencan review and find out everything there is to know.

Tokencan is a South Korean-based project. The company was created to resolve contract farming problems via blockchain technology. However, something went wrong, considering that the website is practically useless. All the tabs show that the help is no longer available.

Furthermore, Tokencan support is only available through Telegram. It’s an anonymous way to communicate, with all the chats being encrypted. While it’s good for privacy, keep in mind that the other party can delete chat for both sides, meaning you might not be able to keep any evidence in case you need to start a legal dispute.

Typically, most crypto exchanges play on low fees and new tokens that are the next Bitcoin. This is how they gain customers. However, some, like Win Protocol, do it unregulated. Others register their business first, ensuring their customers are protected.

Once you register with Tokencan, you’re redirected to purchase crypto coins. You can exchange, stake, or trade them. However, since the firm is unlicensed and we don’t even know if it’s an actual company or someone running the plot from home, it’s best to stay away.

Since then, the firm has marketed its coins all over the internet, with the majority of its customers being from:

However, all these countries have their own respective regulators and regulations in place for crypto providers. And Tokencan complies with none.

Tokencan exchange has WebTrader for those who want to trade their digital coins. However, it’s not advanced or impressive whatsoever. In addition to charts and indicators, all you can get is a list of your recent trades. There are no EAs, social trading, or any other advanced functionality.

While crypto exchanges typically only provide browser-based software, some of them make it exceptionally functional. Almost competitive with industry standards such as MT4 or MT5. Sadly, Tokencan isn’t one of them.

The company offers a mobile app for Android and iOS. You can download it directly from the website or through your phone store. However, it’s based on WebTrader, so it offers the same lackluster platform to trade.

Like most exchanges, Tokencan focuses on digital coins. They offer crypto such as:

However, the list of fees and commissions for trading and exchanging is currently unavailable. It makes this website risky as you cannot assess the risks.

In the last 24h, the company had no trading volume. Additionally, there are only 37 coins on offer, which is somewhat limiting. All in all, it’s not a trustworthy place.

Besides trading and crypto exchange, Tokencan offers staking as well. Staking implies locking your assets for a certain period of time to support the blockchain and earning rewards for it. Something like a traditional savings bank account where you accrue interest on the money you save.

Depending on the coin and the amount, the exchange offers various bonuses. You can stake FIL, USDT, or GENY and earn a higher percentage or get a discount. However, as we already explained, the exchange seems inactive, meaning you might not get what you expect.

Another important thing we’re missing is information about Tokencan withdrawal. The company doesn’t specify the payment options, fees, terms, or anything else. In addition, their legal documents are currently unavailable.

All this, in addition to reviews, indicates that you shouldn’t trust the exchange. You might be able to make a deposit, but you will have no place to complain in case you never get a withdrawal. Instead, aim to find a licensed broker or crypto services provider.

If you’re experiencing any trouble with your Tokencan account, let us know immediately. Global Fraud Protection employs dedicated CipherTrace analysts who can help you track and trace your digital coins and prepare a detailed report for the authorities.

Don’t hesitate to share your story today. Book a free, non-obligatory consultation, and let us assist you with this matter.

Tokencan is an unregulated crypto exchange. If you are having trouble with your account, we might be able to assist you with this matter.

Tokencan doesn’t provide anything more than a basic WebTrader with Android and iOS apps.

Tokencan is registered in South Korea but has no appropriate licenses.

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