Tint Coin Review – Main Threats And Perks Revealed

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In general, this fact doesn’t make them legitimate. Especially once you see their poorly developed website. Regardless of the web design, there are other flaws we’ll discover in this Tint Coin review.

The easiest way to determine if this company is legit or not is to check its regulations. If we consider the TINT Capital Foundation as the main owner, the company has registered itself with MSB. However, we couldn’t find their name in the FinCEN database, which is one of the prerogatives to conduct crypto business in the US.

In addition, they don’t have any other top-tier license. For instance, BaFin, ASIC, or FCA. Practically, investing any money here would be the same as going to an unauthorized car dealership. There are many more examples you can choose. Anyway, reliability is not their strong side.

But you can be the first one to speak from experience. Leave a comment below or contact us directly and share your experience with this investment company. Ultimately, we can analyze your case and offer you an adequate solution.

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that the company deals only with cryptos. These assets are highly volatile and unpredictable. But also, crypto transfers are virtually irreversible and hardly traceable.

If you combine all the facts about this firm, you can’t hope for anything good. Even if you are making some profits on their fictive platform, you’ll hardly get anything out. Bear in mind that without regulations, they don’t have to comply with any laws. So, if you have any trouble with this firm, contact our refund team for consultation.

The aforementioned MSB document shows that this firm was registered in mid-2023. For such a short life span of a company, it’s hard to build credibility. But if they are any good, at least someone would say something positive about them.

So far, website visitors and potential victims mostly come from:

Yet, regardless of your country, you can leave a comment and share your opinion. Even better, contact us directly for consultation.

One of the leading problems with investment platforms is trust. Generally, traders opt for third-party software that is less likely manipulated. Nothing is guaranteed with the web-based software that the Tint Coin platform is using. Especially transparency.

Another big problem with Tint Coin exchange is that it offers unreliable mobile apps. Allegedly, iOS and Android apps are available for download. Yet not from trusted stores.

Instead, the company provides traders with the QR code for download. Since they are not regulated, and there’s a potential to steal personal information, you shouldn’t risk it.

On the positive side, Tint Coin reveals its platform transparently. The data is brought by the TradingView, and all the charting options depend on them. Also, the company presents all of the options available. Sadly, there are only 12 cryptocurrency pairs available: 

Generally, crypto exchanges tend to offer different account types and motivate traders to trade more. Ultimately, that brings more profits from fees. However, Tint Coin crypto fraud is working differently. In fact, none of the benefits are revealed for traders who trade more.

We were hoping to find some details about potential VIP or Premium accounts in T&Cs. But with such poor legal documents, it’s hard to get any information.

One of the key issues with unregulated companies is the fees. Whatever they advertise, they don’t have to comply with it. Very often, you can find indications of that in their T&Cs. But when the firm is hiding T&Cs as well, you can’t expect anything good.

Considering all the aforementioned facts, most likely not. Firstly, they are not licensed, and the Tint Coin app doesn’t represent reliability. In addition to that, withdrawal conditions, processing time, and fees remain undisclosed, which is the perfect soil for a withdrawal scam. Not to mention that the funding method used is most likely an irreversible crypto transfer.

The first thing is always sharing your experience with local authorities. Ultimately, regulators can issue a warning and prevent other traders from getting trapped. Thus, the key problem is getting the funds out.

For that reason, we suggest you book a consultation with our refund specialists. Once you see the capabilities of the CipherTrace, you’ll sleep more comfortably. Get in touch and find out all you need to know about the fund’s recovery procedure!

Tint Coin is a shady crypto exchange operating since 2023 without transparent conditions and legal documents.

No. Even though the company is in the MSB register, they are not regulated by any authority.

Absolutely. Once you use our CipherTrace to track down your transfer, you can start the refund process. Contact us for more details.

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