TheLiquidity Review – In-depth Analysis, Features, Pros and Cons

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This investment firm is operated by The Liquidity (SV) Ltd with headquarters in SVG. Apparently, the company has two other offices, one in Guinea and one in Turkey. Not something that is promising in the trading world.

In any case, our detailed TheLiqudity review presents you with the company’s key features. But also, crucial irregularities that could cost you money.

Considering too many scammers that nested in SVG, the FSA decided not to issue trading licenses. Therefore, this broker, like any other, must obtain a regulation in another place. At least in the countries where they offer services. But the most reliable ones are Tier 1 like ASIC, BaFin and FCA.

Non-surprisingly, TheLiquidity investment firm is not listed in any of those. Therefore, funds protection doesn’t exist.

It seems that the company is manipulating customers in many ways. Primarily, to leave a comment on Trustpilot to get a bonus offer. Nice trick. Luckily, exposed. Secondly, traders are complaining mainly about withdrawals. So, if you have a similar story, feel free to share it with our chargeback experts.

Everything about this broker is based on misleading traders. Whether about security, trading conditions, benefits or anything else. 

Not to mention the company is using crypto as the main funding method. They will sell you some fake stories about volatility and benefits of crypto. After all, you will be just sending money straight to their pockets. However, once you want to take the profits out, it looks like you are not talking to the same guys. 

If you experienced some other tricks brokerages are using, let us know.

And what’s your residence country and experience with this investment firm?

Unfortunately, before completing the TheLiquidity login procedure, we can’t find any reliable details about the software. 

Apparently, they are offering a MetaTrader 4. However, the download option leads to an unknown file download. Definitely not from trusted sources. After all, don’t be surprised if they only offer web trader.

Since there are already too many discrepancies, we are not sure if we can trust anything anymore. According to the company, you can trade with:

In general, account types reveal some disturbing facts. Primarily, the company doesn’t have any deposit or withdrawal fees. On the positive side, some accounts include an Islamic account as well. In any case, you can choose:

One of the big dangers with this brokerage is its leverage of up to 1:1000. One big market swing and your money is gone. That’s why it’s recommended to trade with top-tier licensed companies.

Anyway, spreads are starting around 1.6 pips. However, only the Raw account includes a $5 commission per lot. Unfortunately, none of the other fees are disclosed.

Since TheLiquidity no deposit bonus is not an option, you can expect various malversations, especially regarding withdrawals. Keep in mind that none of the withdrawals are possible unless you make 1 lot in the trading volume. Let us remind you that this is a staggering amount of $100K.

Considering malicious bonus policies, missing regulations and trusted funding methods, you can forget about withdrawals. Apparently, all the processing times are immediate. However, not precised if that values for withdrawals as well. 

Anyway, with only crypto and e-payment options available, withdrawal issues are inevitable.

Without adequate regulatory oversight, you are left on your own. But not under our watch. Our specialized team is equipped with the technology and knowledge to assist you with the refund.

Most importantly, the first meeting with our team doesn’t cost you anything. Neither is obligating you to follow our suggestion. At least, it can help you find a solution. Therefore, don’t wait before it’s too late. Contact us now!

TheLiquiditiy is an offshore brokerage with headquarters in SVG but also with offices in Turkey and Guinea.

This investment firm is an obvious swindler. Many negative reviews and missing regulations point that out. If you have any proof, contact us for refund assistance as soon as possible.

This firm is mainly manipulating traders to deposit more and more money. But when they want to withdraw, all the possible issues come up. After all, they can vanish anytime.

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