Teslabtx.com Review – Restless Crypto Criminals Strike Time And Time Again

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Encountering this recently established crypto trading domain is nothing we haven’t already written about numerous times. However, it’s our duty to keep our audience informed and aware of the dangers lurking on every corner in the world of crypto investing. 

Even opening the site is an obvious mistake – your browser will warn you about the domain being reported as unsafe and flagged for phishing attempts.

Please read this Teslabtx.com review carefully to learn what makes this fraudster so similar to the sister scam sites yet distinctive and dangerous enough to earn a review from us. 

It is the nameless company behind this online financial services provider that doesn’t reveal anything about their leadership or legal background. If we were to assume anything about the physical address where the scammers operate, that would be Malta. That is because the legal documents mention the courts of Malta having the exclusive legal jurisdiction over this firm.

With every single soul having access to the social platforms, it isn’t hard to conclude how these miscreants find their victims. The promoters of the scheme constantly lurk social networks in search of their next target. Once they pick their mark, they’re capable of constantly stalking them, calling and messaging until the victim breaks and invests into the sham.

Constant marketing campaigns are always at work, as well. What is advertised are high returns on investment, exceptional trading conditions and unmistakable robots that trade instead of less experienced investors.

To the inexperienced eye, this website may even appear credible and quite convincing, especially how well they market their services. That’s what the defrauded investor from the following countries can witness:

Many could argue that a simplified and comprehensive distribution is the key to successful strategy building. While that can often be the case, it certainly is not when it comes to the Teslabtx.com platform. This software is so devoid of any useful tools and features that it is pretty much dysfunctional. 

We’re reviewing a platform that is explicitly focused on trading crypto. Besides the exchange services, the server sports several other functions. Registered clients can engage in staking, spot and leveraged trading. 

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to explore more due to the account creating issues. For all we know, some of the crypto currencies available for trading are BTC, ETH, LTC, ETC, BNB, BCH, ADA, DOT, DOGE, ZEC, NEO, XRP and others.

Customized offers of specialized packages do not exist on this domain. Registration process as a whole is quite a pain, since not every email address is accepted. It seems that only those emails that could easily be breached are allowed to be used for the sign up purposes on here. 

Due to the inability to immediately register for an account, we could not enter the user area and all of the information there remained locked out. The site doesn’t even refer to the benefits and price of the live account.

Trading fees depend on your current VIP level. Every newcomer starts with the level 1 Maker and Taker fees and climbs new levels the bigger the trading volume. The beginning Maker and Taker fees are 0.075%. However, the highest VIP level 7 unlocks Maker and Taker fees of  0.035% / 0.045%. 

Transaction fees are charged upon every account funding or payout. The amount depends on the currency chosen. For BTC deposits the fee is 0.00005BTC and for withdrawals 0.00012 BTC.

Ponzi schemes are known for being used by the fraudsters to quickly acquire new victims. By hyping up their existing customers with artificial bonuses and commissions, they convince victims to bring in new targets. This swindler will have you believe your reward is 40% of the fees paid by affiliates and discount on trading fees to 0.1%.

Attempting to either deposit or withdraw funds is not a process solely dependent on the customer. Nothing on the portal is done without the assistance of account managers and alleged support service, so the same stands for transactions. 

Clients are directed to contact the support team in order to fund their account or submit a withdrawal request. All of the communication is reserved for phone calls, so we can assume that is how the majority of the mental manipulation and money extortion is done. All of the steps of the process severely lack transparency.

Financial crime is something no one should feel embarrassed to talk about. The consequences aren’t just a ruined financial future, but can also heavily affect the psychological balance of the victim and their will to ever engage in trading on online markets again. 

So, help us help you! Tell us all about the fraudster that has abused your good will and lack of experience and we will walk you through the process of fund recovery. 

No, this entity is operating without a license and is not safe for any investment and trading endeavors.

As much as the fraudster may try to convince you that you can, the reality is not so pink.

Yes, as long as you reach out to us. We have the means to do so and advise you on what to do in order to get your stolen crypto investment back.

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