Tesla X Trading Review – A Revolutionary Way To Waste Your Money

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One glance at Tesla X Trading will instantly make you doubt the legitimacy of this platform. The scammers repeatedly use the name of Elon Musk, combined with SpaceX and Tesla, to appear as if these individuals and companies have something in common. One comparison between the homepages of Tesla X Trading, SpaceX and Tesla will quickly show you that something is very wrong with Tesla X Trading.

We are not here to discuss the poor choice of branding and company names, however. Our Tesla X Trading platform will show you how quickly the deal can turn sour when dealing with an unlicensed company.

Is Tesla X Trading Legit Or A Scam?

We can easily dismiss Tesla X Trading as a complete bogus company almost instantly. However, this would not be a proper Tesla X Trading Review if we didn’t do our diligence and researched the company background. The company is active in the EU and US region, both of which have very strict regulatory standards.

There isn’t a lot of information available. The company doesn’t have a Terms and Conditions document on the website. Any legitimate Investment Firm publicly displays their licenses and authorization. It is the most important aspect of conducting any online business.

We have checked the company registers of the most prominent financial regulation bodies worldwide. The databases of FCA, BaFIN, CySEC, NFA, ASIC and FINMA have no information about Tesla X Trading. This is solid evidence that Tesla X Trading operates without a license, which means that they are a dangerous unregulated firm.

Due to the age of the company, there are no client testimonials about Tesla X Trading yet. In order to bolster their reputation, this investment firm has a review page of their own. You may find it on the teslaxtrading.com website.

Here is how Tesla X Trading brags about their own service:

“ I’ve been a user of Tesla x Platform for several months, and I must say it’s a commendable platform, especially for individuals new to online investment. While there are areas that could benefit from improvement, that seems to be the case with most platforms. […] “

“ I must say, this platform is fantastic! It’s straightforward, and the customer service is top-notch. They really value each member of the club and even offer personal calls. I started with just $250, and now my balance has reached $5,000. I couldn’t be happier with the results. Thank you so much! […] “

We can compare this to how infomercials employ actors to advertise their product as “satisfied customers”. If you have invested with Tesla X Trading, you should consider seeking legal aid in recovering your assets as soon as possible.

The main way to attract new victims to Tesla X Trading is through the involvement of “Account Managers”. We know them as Boiler Room Agents. It is their job to constantly dial phone numbers, and pester people to invest.

Here are the regions where the Tesla X Trade Scam is most active:

Our recovery experts are at your disposal to resolve any problems you might have with Tesla X Trading.

We could not gain access to the Tesla X Trades platform, since it requires approval from one of those Boiler Room Agents we mentioned earlier.

This faux investment firm claims that their AI trading bot has a 98,7% accuracy, which is frankly speaking impossible. Even the most sophisticated analysis systems like Aladdin can’t predict with such accuracy.

Tesla X Trades alleges mobile trading software, but it was nowhere to be found. It’s likely that Tesla X Trades only features a Web Trader, which can also be accessed through a mobile device.

Neither Google Play nor Apple Store have any information regarding a “Tesla X” app. Judging from all the other lies told by these scammers, the existence of a mobile app is just another part of the sham.

We have reached an insurmountable hurdle with this topic of our Tesla X Trading Review. Simply speaking, there’s nothing about the trading instruments on teslaxtrading.com.

The screenshots of the alleged trading platform features leveraged Forex Trading, with EUR/GBP and USD/JPY Forex Pairs. The website itself advertises Automated Crypto Investment, with a screenshot of various Stocks, Amazon in particular. It seems that the scammers have taken a “shotgun approach” – advertize everything, and see what sticks.

One thing is certain: you have never seen account types like the ones Tesla X Trading offers. This is because there are no accounts to speak of. The Tesla X Trading Login is facilitated by an email contact form.

Tesla X Trading relies so heavily on their Trading AI advertisement they haven’t bothered disclosing the trading conditions. With no Terms and Conditions document, we couldn’t review any fees, taxes or other charges. Anything goes with frauds like Tesla X Trading.

The lack of clearly defined Terms and Conditions works in the scammers’ favor. Without this document, they can invent any reason to prevent a withdrawal from their platform. If you have issues withdrawing from Tesla X Trading, consider seeking legal intervention from our team of experts.

Tesla X Trading is an opaque den of swindlers, and their only goal is stealing people’s money. There is no reason to recommend this Investment Firm to anybody. It’s unregulated, and there is no information about trading conditions whatsoever.

If you have deposited money to the Tesla X Trading Scam, we would like to hear your story. Our legal experts are available via the Live Chat on our website. You may contact us around the clock, and book a free consultation session at any time.

Tesla X Trading is a fraudulent Investment Firm. They have no connections to Elon Musk, and use his namesake to attract victims to their platform.

Tesla X Trading is a dangerous unlicensed Investment Firm. If you have invested with this company, we advise you to seek legal aid in recovering your lost assets as soon as possible.

Tesla X Trading falsely advertises an AI powered investment bot which should in theory generate guaranteed profits.

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