Tapfin io Review – All The Facts In One Place To Avoid This Scam!

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The Tapfin io website exists since 2023 under the management of Tapfin Financial Services. Yet, the company doesn’t reveal any other ownership information. Even though their address presents themselves as UK-based,  that is not necessarily true.

There are many more discrepancies about this broker. Therefore, read this TAPFIN review carefully to find out the ways they manipulate their clients.

On top of that, Tapfin company doesn’t have any other licenses. Not to mention Tier 1 ranks like BaFin, ASIC or CFTC.

But if you already got scammed there is only one proper solution – refund. If you want to know the step-by-step procedure, get in touch with our team today!

In general, like any other scam broker they try to build a reputation in different ways. In this case, the company uses a legitimate UK address to look legit. On top of that, they most probably advertise on social media with hard-sales campaigns.

As mentioned earlier, the company’s website is active since February 2023. Since then, mainly scammed traders are coming from: 

Traders are generally attracted by easily understandable Tapfin io Stocks and Tapfin io Commodities that they offer. Thus, without proper licensing all their tradeable assets and promises are worthless.

The Tapfin io platform is shady at best. The company offers a proprietary web-trader instead of a trusted MT4/MT5 or cTrader. However, they don’t promote any advanced features like social or copy trading.

Mobile app download options are available on their website. Thus, the app is not listed on PlayStore or AppStore. Instead, you have to download suspicious files from their website.

Tapfin io crypto market is the most popular one. Like with any other scam broker. Nevertheless, Tapfin io trading instruments are divided into 5 classes. Those are:

But don’t let this trick you because the Tapfin io license doesn’t exist.

Once you complete the Tapfin io login procedure you can choose one of 5 account types. Those are:

Thus, Tapfin io account types don’t offer any significant advantages with higher deposits. Another warning sign is that even with a 100.000 EUR deposit you get to trade with a web trader. That tells you that their trading app potentially doesn’t exist.

Can a Trader Use Tapfin io Demo Account?

Considering Tapfin io minimum deposit of 5.000 EUR, a demo account would be the suitable option for the tryout. However, the company doesn’t offer it. Which is another red flag, especially for so-called UK-based broker.

Important to realize is that the company doesn’t reveal any information about trading costs or Tapfin io fees. Practically, there is only transparent leverage information. However, not even that is according to European regulations because they offer 1:50 while EU regulators allow a maximum of 1:30.

Another key point is the welcome bonus that the company offers. Which is, by the way, banned in Europe. They are banned because scam brokers like Tapfin io have malicious policies. In this case, you can’t withdraw any profits unless you meet the required trading volume.

That is the bonus amount divided by 4, excluding trades that are below $4 per lot. Practically, you can’t withdraw the profits ever!

To sum it up, no. The company has many ways to trick traders into depositing more money, but traders don’t have tricks to get the money out. Simply because the company is not regulated. Therefore, it’s crucial to choose the right payment method where you can reverse the transaction.

Overall,Tapfin io withdraw is the most important problem. On top of that, Tapfin io support is useless because its goal is to extort money from you. Therefore, you are left on your own. In such situations, the most important thing is to share your experience.

Luckily, with our team, you can get a consultation about the following steps. Depending on the funding method you used, there is a chance you can get the money out quickly. Let’s talk it through before it’s too late! Contact us now and book your consultation.

Tapfin is non-regulated Forex and CFD trading company presenting itself from the UK.

Considering their non-transparent offer all their competitors are way ahead of their game. It can be any licensed company.

Tapfin company is allegedly owned by Tapfin Financial Services based in the UK. However, such a company is not in the FCA register.

No. Without proper regulation, you will most likely experience various difficulties. But if you did, get in touch with our team for refund assistance.

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