Swift Values Review – Swiftly Robbing Users Through Fake Crypto Investing

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As a company that is dedicated to improving the financial status of their users, Swift Values offers a lot at a glance. Closer inspection of the website reveals a red flag each of their potential investors should be aware of: Swift Values has no license. 

Not only is this business completely unregulated, but they’ve been blacklisted in the country where they supposedly have their headquarters in – UK. What is the exact cause for the public shaming in the form of a warning and what this firm truly does are just some of the aspects you can learn about from the following Swift Values review.

Reading the terms and conditions has given us another clue. You see, Swift Values explains that the court in charge of any disputes is the one belonging to Marshall Islands, which is probably the firm’s actual location. 

That means that the firm is not safe and most likely a scam. Investments are not safely kept in segregated bank accounts and no other security or risk-reducing measures are implemented. 

There’s hardly anything better than not having to do absolutely anything in life, while someone else makes money instead of you and for you. That is pretty much how Swift Values describes their suspicious services. Sit back tight and occasionally make a small investment while your dedicated broker will unmistakably bring you guaranteed returns after just a few hours.

Of course, the deal so good could never be even remotely realistic, as no one could be that successful and have their every trade that highly lucrative as Swift Values advertises it. Having their targets start with small investments is all it takes. Everything further depends on their extortion skills. And be sure that these scammers have them.

Swift Values does a good job advertising their illicit conduct on a world-wide scale. The statistics suggest that they aren’t tied to a certain country or target audience. In just a year, the swindlers have managed to defraud people from most different places like:

The unnamed Swift Values platform is said to employ the most advanced technology. The website describes their proprietary trading software as driven by algorithms, executing risk-free profitable trades accurately. Team of trading specialists possess the knowledge and lucrative strategies focused on mining, arbitrage and scalping to ensure success of every investment. 

Swift Values claims to have a world-class investment expertise across a breadth of markets and asset classes. However, when we tried to get more information on that, the absence of a platform didn’t quite help. 

The site only discusses crypto investing. The responsive support via online chat immediately confirmed that the platform is solely focused on crypto mining with digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and Solana offered. 

Instead of the standard account types, Swift Values has investment plans that offer different percentages of payouts after certain time periods. Here’s how they go and what investment they demand:

Becoming an owner of a Swift Values account instantaneously means you have to pick an investment plan and deposit. Investors themselves aren’t the ones conducting trades. So, they do not get the option to test the trading environment via risk-free accounts.

The way Swift Values puts it, money-making under their leverage of 1:500 on crypto and tight spreads bring you fortune in a matter of hours. Even if the best forex experts and prodigies were trading under such circumstances, these claims aren’t even close to the actual state of things. 

As for the other costs, like withdrawal fees and taxes, Swift Values is utterly secretive about. Transparency isn’t their stronger side it seems.

Payouts are allegedly guaranteed at least once every 24 hours. Not only that, but Swift Values also claims they’re completely fee-free and as fast as possible. All those fake promises aside, we believe blacklisted firms aren’t so smooth and easy to deal with, especially when it comes to transactions. 

One of the reasons for our conviction is the fact that Swift Values only supports crypto transfers. And we all know how unreliable and anonymous these transactions are.

Due to the lack of license and a warning put up against this fraudulent company, we do not recommend investing with them. But if you happen to have already deposited cash, do not expect the promised return. Instead of waiting, you should contact our legal expert immediately, so they can walk through a chargeback process. Do not wait for your funds to become unrecoverable – act promptly. 

No, this firm doesn’t own a license and is actually even blacklisted by FCA.

Swift Values is a crypto investment platform for crypto mining and staking. No such services are provided in truth, and deposits disappear. Contact us for safe fund recovery.

No, this confirmed fraud doesn’t keep investments safe and steals all deposits from investors.

Absolutely not. The promised return on investments is false and no profit will be accumulated.

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