Stolid Finance Review: This Platform Is Pretty Dangerous

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Stolid Finance claims to be a perfectly legitimate and regulated investment company. The website advertises numerous assets from the company’s portfolio, including real estate, commodities, Forex, stocks, etc.

However, behind the polished facade lies the unpleasant and shady truth – Stolid Finance is not regulated or legit. We have plenty of evidence to support our claim and it’s all there in our truthful Stolid Finance Review.

First stop – the Stolid Finance license, which actually doesn’t exist. The most important segment of every provider is the legal status and the trading license. Stolid Finance failed miserably in this department though. The bogus website lied about the business being regulated.

Instead, find a licensed provider that’s regulated by a renowned financial market authority such as the FCA, for instance. Other reputable regulators include the CFTC & NFA (US), BaFin (Germany), IIROC (Canada), ASIC (Australia), CySEC (Cyprus), MAS (Singapore), etc.  

However, there are several complaints against the Stolid Finance Forex Trading scam. Please, do not ignore these complaints because they are clear signs of fishy business.

This platform has blocked me and refused to confirm my withdrawal.

Trustpilot user, May 29, 2023.

On its outer appearance, this business appears to be sincere and says everything that should be said… I frequently contacted and emailed without getting a response. They didn’t respond to my withdrawal request, either…

Trustpilot user, August 9, 2023.

Based on what we read in the reviews, Stolid Finance uses cunning manipulative methods to deceive unsuspecting clients. The company is unregulated, meaning that all the services it provides are illegal.

If you invest money in Stolid Finance Gold Investments, withdrawing it will be a difficult task. Stolid Finance simply refuses to perform withdrawal requests. Or, the financial swindler may demand illegal upfront fees. 

If you’re a victim of the Stolid Finance scam, book a free consultation with us. We can help you in the fund recovery process.

It seems that Stolid Finance primarily targets third countries but then there’s Qatar, meaning the scammer tried his luck with the rich and wealthy as well. Nevertheless, wherever you live, always first check the company you’re interested in with your local regulator before investing any money.

According to Stolid Finance’s website, the company offers five investment plans designed for all the available investment products. Here’s an overview:

The Stolid Finance Crypto Plan is missing from the company’s website, which is odd. Nevertheless, the rest of these investment plans seem pretty lucrative but we honestly doubt these numbers are real. Remember, the scammer promises quick profits in order to seize all clients’ funds.

If you lost money to the Stolid Finance Scam, please contact us for help. We can help you get your hard-earned money back!

Here’s an overview of Stolid Finance’s investments products, according to the Stolid Finance Login page:

We aren’t going to go into detail about each and every one of these products as that is a topic for another discussion. Moreover, we believe that most of these were listed as a ruse to attract more users.

Stolid Finance’s website and legal documentation reveal that the company offers only one method for deposits and withdrawals – cryptocurrencies. The scammer listed popular digital currencies such as BTC, ETH, USDT, etc.

The Stolid Finance payout process is problematic because of crypto. These types of transactions are extremely difficult to trace, plus allow the recipient of the payment, i.e. the scammer, to remain anonymous, which is why crypto is the preferred choice of most fraudsters.

But, there is a way you could recover your funds and it’s via advanced crypto-tracing software such as CipherTrace. For this process, you’ll need to seek out professional assistance and we happen to offer just that!

To sum up, Stolid Finance is an anonymous investment scam pretending to be a legitimate company. This scam was exposed by the UK’s regulator, the FCA. The main target of this scam are traders from Qatar, Kenya, Tanzania, and Ethiopia.

If you fell victim to this scam, contact us for help. We can assist you by tracing your crypto transaction to the scammer’s wallet using CipherTrace. Only then can a refund be requested from the exchange within which we located the wallet. It’s important that you act quickly and not waste any time.

Book a free consultation with us to find out what the next step is!

Stolid Finance is definitely not legit. This company swears to be a legit UK provider but the FCA begs to differ!

Stolid Finance is pretending to be a legitimate investment firm, offering various products such as Forex, real estate, stocks, etc.

Absolutely not. Stolid Finance is a scam. If you already deposited your money, we can help you recover your funds.

Your money is not safe with Stolid Finance. Several traders have complained about withdrawal issues already.

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