Stockoza Review – Faux Broker Uses All The Tricks In The Book

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Stockoza invites you to unleash your trading powers and potential with their exceptional platform and beyond lucrative trading conditions.

Alas, the broker fails to mention that they lack any regulatory confirmation, capable support or adequate technological solutions. This Stockoza is a report on what we’ve discovered and why this broker shouldn’t be taken at face value.

Since this regulator doesn’t supervise the brokers in the area, Stockoza should have acquired another license, preferably a Tier 1 one. Unfortunately, they haven’t, as our consultations with leading regulators like FCA, BaFin, FINMA and CySEC show. 

It’s not just the review seller networks that helped Stockoza reach their 4.9 rating, but bots as well. If you scroll through the reviews, you’ll see that some of these are broken, where the bot just glitched out.

Stockoza also uses another bot to reply to all of these deceiving testimonials to make it seem like the company cares about their clients and reputation.

With their deceptively impeccable online trust score, Stockoza seems to be the deal of a lifetime. The boiler room agents that work for the company certainly leverage on this impression.

Thorough statistics analysis doesn’t reveal any particular pattern as to where Stockoza likes to get their victims. If you take a look at the following list, you’ll see that during the course of about 3 years, the broker has been actively defrauding in:

Please do not let their wrongdoings slide and contact authorities, as well as our legal team to help you with fund recovery.

Without creation of a Stockoza login first, you will not be able to get access to the glorified and innovative trading solution. Unfortunately, if you want to get your Stockoza account, your application has to be approved. 

That’s how you clear your way to the platform and download buttons. Being untransparent about the software is one of the most significant red flags about Stockoza.

In case you’d like to give trading on the go a try, you will need the proprietary app developed by Stockoza. Although it’s allegedly available for all Android and Apple devices, you also need to register first. 

When we went to look in both of these stores for the Stockoza software, the search produced zero results.

Although allegedly providing access to thousands of instruments, Stockoza doesn’t have much to offer except for the few tradable asset groups:

We can argue whether the Stockoza login service is just defunct, or if it is working as intended. You can never be certain with such companies, as they often force their users to work through account managers as intermediaries.

Available live trading accounts are tiered, and incredibly expensive. The alleged perks include VIP services, webinars, unlimited live chat sessions- whatever the swindlers deem attractive.

Note that a free demo is not included in the selection:

The leverage at Stockoza is 1:400, which is way higher than many financial regulators allow. For instance, max leverage in the EU is set at 1:30, and Canadian authorities allow a maximum of 1:50.

Spreads are said to be tight, floating from 0.1 to 0.3 for the baseline EUR/USD pair. Other charges, such as deposit or withdrawal fees, commission or rollover are not clearly indicated. The Terms and Conditions say that Stockoza will deduct different charges directly from the clients’ balance, which is an illegal practice.

There is no transparency whatsoever when it comes to Stockoza withdrawal. The entire scheme is fashioned in such a way to deny any payouts to the investors. Many of their users complain about the company breaking contact on the slightest mention of withdrawal.

These fraudsters won’t let you get your money back easily. We can help with your chargeback, so contact us through the provided live chat option, and book a free consultation today!

Every burden is lighter to carry when shared. If you’ve been scammed by Stockoza or any other fraudulent company, please do not wait for the swindler to get away with your capital. 

Use our online chat feature and let’s talk about your experience! Any information you may have on this cyber criminal or any similar one will help our investigation.

Additionally, you can also get in touch with the representatives of our legal support crew, who can help you with a chargeback. 

No, this company is not legit in any sense and they hold no Forex license for their business.

Several instrument groups are available: metals, indices, commodities and Forex.

No, you cannot open a trial trading account and test the trading environment.

The broker doesn’t disclose such information, which is suspicious. If you’re having withdrawal issues because of that, please ask our recovery experts for help.

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