Soldex ai Review – Beware Of AI Trading Promotional Websites

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Soldex ai introduces its services as those of a revolutionary crypto exchange platform. In reality, this one-page-website is an affiliate scam that works as a medium between victims and scam brokers. 

How exactly this fraud takes place and what role play affiliate websites is what you can learn from our Soldex ai review.

The official website for this scam company says their services are based on machine-learning and neural network algorithms. These create a powerful AI trading software that works like an expert to do crypto trading for you while you can sit back and watch your profit grow. 

Completely ridiculous and beyond unrealistic, such claims only serve as a front for a larger-scale scam. You see, this simplistic website has the goal to get as many crypto investors as possible to sign up. 

In the whole process, Soldex ai makes profit by selling your contact info and other credentials you leave on their site. They could also earn a portion or percentage of the profit robbed from traders. Terrifying, isn’t it?

Typically for affiliate affairs, Soldex ai also uses some ludicrous promises that only rookie investors would fall for. Although more experienced crypto traders are more aware and better informed about how trading works, it doesn’t mean they’re immune to the attractive deals. 

Persistent boiler room agents employed by Soldex ai will continually spam the potential victim they have their sights fixed on. By promising a superb gain and financial profit from using the accurate Soldex ai platform, the scammers ensure the victims’ interest. 

Once the unfortunate traders start investing, they’re directed to a scam broker’s website and their funds immediately go to the swindlers wallet.

As previously explained, the sole purpose of this shallow and uninformative website is to attract attention. Once you sign up, the rest of the plan is done by whatever financial scam site you end up on. 

Soldex ai has been using this mechanism for quick profit gain for over two years now and they do not seem like they intend to stop any time soon. So far these countries count the most victims:

If you were ever approached by a Soldex ai operator who claims remarkable profits from an AI automated trader, reject this deal if you do not wish to be robbed. In case you’ve already started investing, contact us promptly so we can help you recover your funds.

The much glorified Soldex ai platform allegedly has three key components: market data analysis, market prediction and buying/selling assets. In essence, this platform is a fully automated trader based on artificial intelligence that performs these three steps instead of traders. 

Anyone even remotely familiar with online trading is well aware that such a platform doesn’t exist and that a closest one to it works on the principle of copying other successful trades.

Since Soldex ai is just an affiliate website, they do not have any platform at all. You can make sure of that as soon as you explore their site and bit and realize that the website owner doesn’t show even a glimpse of it.

Soldex ai says they’re an Ethereum based decentralized exchange. In that sense, the site should be able to offer trading services mainly for ERC-20 tokens, such as USDT, USDC, SHIB, BNB, DAI, LEO and others. 

However, that could hardly be done without a platform. In short, no trading is being done here, the platform doesn’t exist and there’s absolutely no currencies to trade.

Usually, signing up with a crypto platform opens a choice of at least several account types, each with their own benefits and features. Sadly, since Soldex ai isn’t even a crypto site in any way, there’s no customized packages for each investor to choose between. 

Additionally, being so secretive and untransparent, Soldex ai doesn’t even reveal the price of a basic account. Moreover, there’s no demo. But what’s the purpose of it anyway, when no trading could be performed. 

As a promoter of alleged crypto trading services, Soldex ai sure is secretive about trading conditions and costs. Now that we’re sure that fraudsters behind the site aren’t involved in any kind of crypto trading and exchange, no wonder they never refer to the costs on their site. Expectedly, we could not locate any of the mandatory legal docs either.

It’s an understatement to say that Soldex ai and similar shams bring trouble to customers. As scams that operate with the single purpose of stealing every penny they can, it is only natural that no withdrawals are allowed. 

The worst part of the entire story is that not one company is included in the scam affair. So you’ll have withdrawal issues caused by more than one money extortion fraud. 

Our expert opinion on this website is that it brings a ton of difficulties and not a single advantage to any crypto trader. Affiliate campaigns are extremely dangerous, because they do not just lie to traders, they also drag them into far more complex fraudulent schemes. 

We wouldn’t say that the problem is not resolvable though. If you find yourself in a situation where the con artist is asking for more money to be able to withdraw, do not believe them. Contact our legal experts for advice on how to act and what to do in such a situation. is a promotional website serving as a scam affiliate campaign that promises AI crypto trading but only connects victims with other scam sites.

No investments could ever be safe with scam websites such as this one. If you contact us promptly, we can help you recover funds from this or any similar scam.

No, they’re not. This site is completely anonymous and fake.

Site owners could be allegedly contacted via email, telegram, twitter and other social networks.

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