SERC capital Review – Renewable Energy Startup That Defrauds Investors

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When we searched for the information on SERC capital domain, the software told us that is available for lease or purchase! This means that the domain is run through a privately owned server, with their own web hosting.

Needless to say, this raised suspicions as reliable companies always make sure to reserve their own domain, and not be subject to any misunderstandings. Fraudsters prefer the ambiguity, however, as the general confusion lets them remain anonymous. Our SERC capital Review will show you how to recognize such frauds in the future, and stay safe online.

SERC capital, or otherwise known as SERC New Energy options Exchange, is allegedly established in Colorado, USA. The nature of SERC capital business is providing binary options trading for shares and stocks. In order to provide this service, SERC capital must have a license issued by CFTC, which it does not.

SERC capital implies that they have been founded by SolarCity, a subsidiary of Tesla corporation. None of it holds any truth, as neither Tesla or SolarCity make even a passing mention of SERC capital in their corporate documentation.

Since the US NFA database holds no information about SERC capital, we have tried looking for authorization elsewhere. The major hurdle is in the fact that binary options trading is banned in most regions of the world, including the EU. We have hoped to at least get some pointers from other regulators like FCA, ASIC, CySEC, BaFIN, FINMA or CBR, but this anonymous firm is not in any of them.

The first stage of SERC capital is a romance scam, where so-called Boiler Room Agents lurk on dating services like Badoo or Grindr. These people would contact potential victims, pretending to be romantically interested in them. They make all sorts of promises about a bright future together, and riches to be earned.

The other part of the scam revolves around the referrals program. It encourages people who have already invested in the scam to aggressively seek new clients, for lowered trading fees and other meager rewards in return. If you have deposited money with the SERC capital fraud, consider employing our legal experts to help with asset withdrawal.

Because of the general anonymity of the website, we could not find reliable information on the domain age. Some third party sources state late 2022, but since the domain is hosted on a private server, we could not verify these claims. We did manage to measure the website traffic, fortunately.

Here is where the majority of SERC capital scam victims live:

SERC capital offers a very simple Web Trader as their main trading software. This program can be used directly from the web browser, and does not require any downloads or an installation. It’s a very common platform in fraudulent circles, however.

The poor security of such a platform allows swindlers to edit the market data, and make the client lose the money on every speculation. One quick view of the asset value history graph will show this exact manipulation at work.

The fraudsters behind SERC capital have created an app for mobile devices as well. You may obtain them through either App Store, or a direct Android APK download.

The App in question should be age restricted to 18+, but anybody over the age of 4 can download and install it. The scammers don’t care who speculates on the market, as long as they are investing and losing money continuously.

Market diversification is an important risk mitigation measure. You don’t want to put all of your eggs in one basket, as they say. With SERC capital, you have no choice. The only type of trading is binary options, and the only assets are various stocks.

SERC capital calls stocks “New Energy”, which would be a funny mislabeling, if it weren’t such a serious issue. Many of these assets are completely nonsensical, and their ticker names look like a cat ran over a keyboard. Allegedly, you may trade these assets on SERC capital:

SERC capital offers a single trading account, with no demo. The accounts can be upgraded by depositing amounts over a certain threshold.

The fraudsters have implemented trading robots, whose only purpose is to automatically drain the funds from an account. These robots allegedly generate guaranteed profits.

These are the account tiers now:

There was no information on the costs of most services that SERC capital provides. Neither the website or the platform have any information about leveraged trading. There is also no information about deposit or withdrawal fees either, as the website doesn’t contain Terms and Conditions.

We have heard from some victims that the conmen behind SERC capital require hefty taxes to be paid up front in order to allow a withdrawal. These can be upwards of $10 000.

For the investors who wish to make a deposit in cryptocurrencies a deposit bonus is available. The bonus is 2% flat on any crypto deposits.

Be wary of these acts of fake generosity. Fraudulent companies often impose unachievable trading volume requirements for accounts that have received these bonuses.

SERC capital doesn’t play nice when it comes to approving withdrawals. Many of the scam victims we heard from have complained that SERC capital conmen asked for more money upfront before they would approve a withdrawal. After the money is deposited, the scammers stop answering calls and messages.

We have ample experience in resolving such withdrawal problems. You may contact our recovery experts for assistance in charging back your money.

SERC capital is a fraudulent company that is not licensed in any jurisdiction. The company has a reputation for defrauding their investors. There are no business ethics, and every aspect of trading is stacked against the client’s interests.

If you have any issues with SERC capital withdrawal, you may contact our legal experts via the live chat on our website. We are available 24/7 and would like to extend a helping hand. Don’t delay – with every passing moment the chances of recovery become slimmer. Book a free consultation today.

SERC capital is a total scam, plain and simple. They do not have any license or authorization for the services they claim to provide.

SERC capital is an unlicensed binary options broker that allegedly provides stocks and shares trading.

SERC capital clients complain that their withdrawals never come through even after months of waiting time. We offer legal help in resolving such issues with SERC capital withdrawals.

Unknown, as there is no Terms and Conditions document that outlines withdrawal fees.

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