Saturnxbit Review – What Are The Secrets of This Crypto Exchange?

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Saturnxbit company presents itself as the leading exchange on European soil. With more than 200 tradeable assets available, many inexperienced traders might think so.

However, some facts can’t be changed or misinterpreted. Therefore, go through every bit of detail in our detailed Saturnxbit review. Otherwise, you might end up in the traps this company is actively using.

Saturnxbit scam wouldn’t be so obvious if they didn’t have numerous brands with the same principle. But even if we exclude all the similarities, some things stand out. For instance, lack of ownership and address transparency. Not to mention that no trusted authority licenses the company, such as FCA, BaFin, or ASIC.

For those who don’t know, crypto exchanges are required to get a Digital Asset Service Provider license. With such licenses, at least traders know they are protected in some way. But also that some authority is monitoring the company’s activities.

Saturnxbit exchange is trying to present itself as a legitimate company with fake information provided. They claim to have a $67M network volume in the last 24 hours. That number is always the same whenever you open their web page. But also, that same number stands out on their other brands, such as Koypex and Koygex.

Since they are lying about these details, you can only imagine what they are advertising. But it’s not excluded they are using celebs to get the attention of their clients to deposit in crypto. If you ever get misled by this investment firm, feel free to contact us for refund advice.

As it seems, Saturnxbit crypto investment firm was registered in mid-October 2023. Practically, every other day, they put out another trading name. But this one,, mainly focuses on two countries. Most of the victims come from: 

Since they are targeting one of the strictest regulated countries in the world, they might appear on the red list soon. But you are the one who could help them get there. If you have any negative experiences with this firm, feel free to share them with us. We can build you a case and help you with a refund.

In general, if you look at any legitimate crypto exchange, you will see mainly developed proprietary apps. Sadly, that’s not the case with this firm. Instead, they are offering poorly designed web trader that doesn’t even resemble an exchange. Anyway, with web-based platforms, traders can never be sure about the data presented.

As mentioned, the company claims to offer more than 200 assets. However, without any legitimate proof that they are an exchange, most offers are fictive. They will provide customers with fictive data about currencies and collect money from them.

However, those funds most likely go straight into their crypto wallets. Anyway, some of the most popular assets are: 

This crypto investment firm is offering seven levels of investing. Every new level brings lower trading fees. As the main metric, the company only takes the trading volume. Therefore, ones trading more than 30 BTC can get slightly better conditions.

On the other hand, traders can choose only two account types: Regular and Premium. One of the main benefits of the Premium account is fast withdrawals, which should be available for anyone. Also, Premium account requirements are certain funds deposited. But the amount is not disclosed. So, be careful with it.

Even though the company doesn’t have a demo account, it’s not considered a loss. Once you see their web-based platform, you won’t have a desire to trade there. Instead, you should opt for Tier 1 licensed companies and experience comfortable and safe trading.

Generally, taker and maker fees with this company are quite interesting. All start below 0.1%. To be precise, the highest fee for maker and taker is 0.075%. Thus, without regulations, those can be changed at any time without prior notice.

Many details about this company reveal the bitter truth. Withdrawals from them are most likely impossible. You can’t expect anything honest without regulations, transparent ownership, and address details.

In addition to that, the company is using bogus lies to attract customers. Even though their withdrawal fees are transparent, that’s hardly everything from them. Be prepared for anything.

Since the company is anonymous, you can do only two things. Firstly, share your experience and opinion about the company wherever you can. Secondly, and more importantly, apply for a refund as soon as possible.

Luckily, our specialists can offer you CipherTrace software services to track down crypto transfers. The following move would be a request for a refund. But for detailed assistance, we suggest you book a free first consultation with our team today!

Saturnxbit is a fraudulent crypto exchange targeting mostly clients from the United States and Mexico since October 2023.

Saturnxbit is far from legitimate. They are not regulated companies in the first place. Also, the ownership and address details are unknown. Consequently, you can only expect trouble.

Absolutely not. The moment you send them money, it’s gone. Unless you are working with our experts on a refund. If you need to get the money back, contact us!

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