Rentalzi Review – Fake Reputation Can’t Hide The Truth Forever

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Prime conditions present at should be reliable and advanced enough to elevate your trading experience and help you build most lucrative strategies. At least that’s what the website owners would like you to believe. 

In truth, this brokerage company is yet another shady conduct claiming to operate under full regulatory supervision. Despite not owning any legit Forex licenses, the site in question doesn’t shy away from claiming to be one of the most well regulated international brokerage conglomerates. 

To find out what really goes on here, keep reading this Rentalzi review.

The determined boiler room agents who get their foul hands on your contact number can flood you with phone calls to either drive you crazy or force you to invest. 

In the beginning the deal may sound like a profit chance you wouldn’t want to miss. Pushy fraudsters urge you to deposit cash into their scheme so you wouldn’t miss the last shot at getting rich until their fake offer expires.

It goes without saying that such offers are completely fake as well as the artificial hype surrounding them. You’ll be left empty handed and without proper legal support, chances to get your investment back are slim.

As published on Whois, this shady scheme has been in business for over three years now – plenty of time to earn more than just pocket money from defrauding traders from:

At the end of the day, it matters less where you reside. Besides the swindler’s universal focus on more developed markets, no one is truly safe. 

If you’ve already fallen victim for the Rentalzi scam, please refer to our chargeback experts for help in fund recovery.

The nameless Rentalzi platform is advertised throughout the entire website. All customers are promised a version for every single operating system or device. It isn’t easy to even preview this allegedly convenient, high-performance terminal, though. At least not without registering for an account first. 

However, that is currently impossible without the Promo code. Since we didn’t own one, we couldn’t open an account. At this point, the sole existence of this unknown trading portal is questionable.

These are the most present instrument groups on this platform:

The Rentalzi accounts are anything but affordable. As an attempt to justify the sky-high pricing, the platform owners have tried to present as many features as they could think of. Sadly, most of these are completely fictitious, as it usually happens with fake trading firms. Here’s the price range from the cheapest to most expensive package:

We could only find out that the maximum leverage is 1:200 because of how opaque the site is. This in itself is much higher than the allowed maximum of 1:30 in Europe, or 1:50 in North America.

The broker never discloses the actual amounts when it comes to Rentalzi fees, swaps or commission, however. In order to precisely gauge the risks and potential profit, clients need to know the exact numbers in this regard.

It’s not only common, but obligatory for regulated companies to have utmost transparency when it comes to trading costs. Lack of a clearly defined cost structure is one of those things that should be an instant turn-off with a broker.

The payout policy is never discussed in full, although the Terms and Conditions are one hefty document. One of the clauses in T&C state that the client forfeits their account balance in case they decide to close an account. Another one says that the company can close any account at their own discretion, at any time.

These are all predatory strategies that prevent the clients from recovering their funds. For legal help with Rentalzi withdrawal, contact our chargeback experts through the live chat.

This company is trying very hard to hide the fact that they are completely illegal. It’s a web wide cover-up, with fake reviews and other paid content. The thing is, even if this broker were regulated, they wouldn’t offer good enough trading conditions or features to warrant your investment.

These sorts of illicit brokerages are dangerous entities that are known to steal the clients’ money. If you have any funds deposited with this faux firm, consider pulling it out as soon as possible. You may get in touch with our team of professionals via the live chat, and book a free consultation on your chargeback options at any time.

It is an online financial fraud that traps their victims using faked reputation and dubious terms of service.

All of the information we’ve found points out that we’re dealing with a Rentalzi scam. If you need help with asset recovery, contact our legal experts.

The company uses predatory Terms and Conditions to make the clients’ money inaccessible after it has been deposited.

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