Remote Access Apps – How AnyDesk and TeamViewer are Used to Steal Your Money 

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Remote access apps like AnyDesk and TeamViewer are incredibly useful tools that allow users to control another computer from a distance. However, scammers have found ways to exploit these apps to steal clients’ money. Especially in the world of online trading, where money is key to start.

One common scam is to trick users into downloading and installing a remote access app, posing as a financial adviser. They pretend to be on your side and ask you to show you the platform, your investment account, and more. The scammers then use the app to access your computer, where they can steal sensitive information like online banking credentials and crypto wallet passwords.

If you’ve had experience with scam brokers, you’ve probably heard of AnyDesk and TeamViewer. These remote access apps are a favorite tool of fraudsters who abuse them to victimize prospects. 

When you pay the initial sum of money, you are usually in touch with your account manager. This person is in charge of explaining the markets, and trading risks, showing you the software, and more. They often misuse this fact to convince you that downloading a remote access app would be much easier, so they can see what you see. Then, they can allegedly assist you better and show you some tricks and tips to stay ahead of the market.

If you’ve never invested before, this story sounds perfectly logical. After all, since everything is done online, it’s better to have a tutor. If you can have a video course via Zoom or Teams, why not have a session via AnyDesk, right?

Well, further in this text, you will see exactly why it is a bad idea. You will learn how scammers can use these apps and how they can rob you of your hard-earned money.

AnyDesk and TeamViewer are both remote desktop software programs. Some facts about these apps include:



While they can be used for legit business, they can also serve as a means for wrongdoing. As mentioned before, it’s essential to be careful about giving remote access to your computer to people you don’t know, especially if they call you out of the blue like scam brokers often do.

AnyDesk and TeamViewer are remote access software allowing those in charge to control another computer remotely. Both apps work by installing software on the target computer and a corresponding app on the remote device. The remote device can then connect to the target computer and access it as if it were being used locally.

Once connected, the remote user has complete control over the target computer, including accessing files, running programs, and controlling the mouse and keyboard. This is useful for remote support, remote collaboration, and accessing your own computer from another location.

The connection between the two computers is secured with encryption, which helps protect against unauthorized access. However, suppose the remote access software is installed on a computer by a scam broker agent. In that case, they can use it to gain control of the target computer and steal sensitive information.

That’s why it’s essential only to download remote access software from reputable sources and to be careful about giving access to your computer to anyone you don’t know.

Unattended access is another feature of these apps that scammers can abuse. It allows someone to remotely control a computer even when the user is not at the computer. This means scammers can access a victim’s computer even when they are not there, giving them ample time to steal money from their accounts.

Older people, who may not be as tech-savvy, are particularly vulnerable to these types of scams. They may not realize the risks of allowing remote access to their computers and may be more likely to fall for the scam.

It’s essential to be vigilant and cautious when it comes to remote access apps. Additionally, use strong and unique passwords for online banking and crypto wallets to protect your assets.

Agents of a scam broker can transfer money from online banking and crypto wallets using remote access apps by accessing your computer and stealing your login credentials.

Once the scammer has gained access to your computer using the remote access app, they can use a mouse and keyboard to navigate to your online banking or crypto wallet account. They can then steal the login credentials by either observing them being entered or by using keylogging software to capture the login information. If you keep your password saved in the browser, it’s even easier. They only need to tap on the login button.

Once the scammer has your credentials, they can use them to log into your online banking or crypto wallet account from their own device. From there, they can transfer money from your account to their own. 

In such cases, calling your bank or reporting theft to the crypto exchange is harder to prove. Once the relevant institution does the background check, they will see that the money was transferred from your IP address and with your credentials. This is why it’s of utmost importance to be cautious and not allow access unless you’re 100% confident that it won’t be abused.

First, it’s important to know that you’re not alone. Let us know if you’ve been scammed and your fraudster used AnyDesk or TeamViewer. Global Fraud Protection has assisted numerous clients in your situation. It can happen to anyone.

In case of a scam where brokers steal your crypto, we can help you track and trace your coins with our CipherTrace analysts. Don’t give up before you give us a chance to help!

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