Review – Who Is and Why to Avoid It

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As you will have a chance to see throughout this detailed review, the company poses as a legitimate chargeback service provider. They use details of an FCA-regulated company to deceive investors.

Since there have been many complaints, we’ve decided to explore the case. Let’s evaluate Refundee and their scam services.

When we mention Refundee Ltd, most customers associate their name with the FCA-licensed firm. However, imposters have decided to abuse the company name and create a phony website resembling the original one.

Using a legitimate company’s FNR and regulations, Refundee, a company that can be found under the domain, is deceiving investors. They promise to provide regulated chargeback services to clients who have already suffered from scams by Forex or CFD brokers, crypto trading providers, and similar.

Simply put, the company uses legitimate Refundee Limited for its scheme. They pretend to be part of a regulated firm offering services that require an FCA license in the UK. As expected, the majority of their clients come from the UK, but also:

Currently, both domains used for scams we’re aware of are inactive. Therefore, you can try calling the number you got from the phony Refundee employees, but we highly doubt there will be an answer.

The firm also provided clients with two support emails – and Yet, there has been no answer once we tried to reach them and ask about the FCA warning.

Unsurprisingly, they never had any social media channels, and we’re unaware of other means of communication. If you have paid the money, you can file a complaint with the FCA and wait for the resolution. Furthermore, you can employ various legal experts from the field to help you recover what’s rightfully yours.

If you fall victim to a Refundee scam, it’s a bitter taste. Especially since you reached out to them after you had already lost money while trading or investing. Thus, we believe it’s not easy to trust someone again.

However, we’re offering you a solution. Global Fraud Protection has been in the business of fund recovery for years, and we know how important trust is. This is the reason we offer all our potential customers a free, non-obligatory consultation. Upon evaluating your case, our experts will honestly tell you whether or not there’s a chance to get your money back from fraud.

Don’t hesitate to reach out today. We will do our best to earn your trust and assist with the matter. And remember, you’re not obligated to pay for consultation services. is an unauthorized chargeback company exploiting the legitimate brand. If these imposters have scammed you, we might be able to assist you with the matter. claims to be a brand of Refundee Limited, a legitimate UK-based chargeback firm. However, they’ve earned a regulatory warning for misrepresentation and unregulated services.

The company claims to be based in the UK, but we highly doubt this information.

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