RBFXPro Review – Pureblood Scam With No Redeeming Qualities

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RBFXPro owns a barebone unfinished website that doesn’t instill much confidence. It is not SSL secure, contrary to what the company claims, and many features of the website remain unfinished. Trying to switch languages from English to Spanish breaks the website, with an all too familiar 404 error. The ribbon that lets you choose cookie preferences covers the Risk Disclaimer, and won’t go away until you accept all cookies unconditionally.

So, who are the people behind the RBFXPro scam, and how did they manage to remain under the radar for so long? Find out in our RBFXPro Review.

Allegedly, RBFXPro is legally registered in Vanuatu, and offers their products on a global level. We took our liberty to check this claim, and what do you know, it isn’t true. The company turned out to be completely unregulated.

As you will see later in our RBFXPro Review, this fake broker has chosen to cherry pick victims from some of the most heavily regulated regions. The US and Cyprus both have some of the stringiest safety standards when it comes to VASPS.

These include leverage restrictions of 1:30 in Cyprus, and 1:50 in the US. Both nations consider segregated bank accounts mandatory. Neither the NFA or CySEC databases contain any info on RBFXPro, nor does FINMA, BaFIN, ASIC, CBR or any other regulator we have inquired about.

The shabby looks of the rbfxpro.com website aren’t likely to attract many people. The main workhorse of this fraudulent company are the Boiler Room Agents. The swindlers call them “Account Managers”.

There are multiple ways these agents can contact clients. Boiler Room Agents are persuasive, and will stop at nothing just to get inside your waller. They may solicit their services via phone, social networks, or online dating programs.

If you, or someone close to you, has deposited money to the RBFXPro, you may contact our recovery experts for legal help in charging back your assters.

The rbfxpro.com website has been active since 2016. There is no proof that the company RBXFPro as we know it today has been operating earlier than 2021, however. The website is available in English and Spanish, which makes sense considering where the scam is most active on the globe.

The RBFXPro scam has the most victims in these nations:

RBFXPro offers the industry standard MT4 trading software to their clients. This is an excellent program, which has risen to the top of the game over the years. It is available on every operating system and platform currently in use.

Although MT4 is a very secure platform, the RBFXPro version of the software shows telltale signs of tampering. This is because scammers actively manipulate the trading information, making their clients lose money with every bid. The LMFX scam uses a similar scheme.

As we have already mentioned, MT4 that RBFXPro offers is available for mobile devices as well. Although this would be welcome with regulated brokers, the distribution that RBFXPro scam uses has compromised security. It benefits the swindlers twofold – it makes them appear more legitimate, and allows their victims to lose the money on the go.

RBFXPro offers trading the most popular assets to their clients. This makes the whole sham more attractive, and believable of course. The information about different assets is not openly available on the website. We did manage to gain access to their trading application.

RBFXPro offers these assets:

The account creation page allows clients to select several different accounts for the RBFXPro login. The website doesn’t disclose any benefits or charges these different accounts offer. Without clear indication about trading conditions, the clients are completely at the whim of the Boiler Room Agents. Costa Markets is another company with such shady account types.

These are the names of RBFXPro accounts:

Although a demo account is available at RBFXPro, you should not take this as a sign of an honest business practice. It is highly likely that this demo does not reflect the actual trading conditions on RBFXPro. Additionally, the MetaTrader4 platform always features a Demo account. RBFXPro free demo allacates $10 000 for virtual trading in a risk-free environment.

Spreads at RBFXPro are said to start at 0.02 Pips, which is far below the current industry average. The RBFXPro platform, on the other hand, does not contain any trading instrument with spreads lower than 20 Pips. Some go as high as 600 Pips, which is a total rip-off.

The broker does not openly discuss the amounts of any other charges, such as fees. They say that there are “no unexpected fees”, just like the frauds from PaxForex. The Terms and Conditions list a 0.5% fee for conversion calculation.

The only transaction methods to deposit and withdraw funds from RBFXPro are crypto transfers. The receiving crypto wallet can easily be placed offline, preventing a fund chargeback. Without specialized software like CypherTrace, crypto transfers are impossible to track. For help with withdrawing funds from RBFXPro, contact our legal experts.

RBFXPro is a fraudulent company with a barely serviceable website. Most of the trading features with this broker are either hidden from the website, or falsified to attract customers. The website features no security whatsoever, and the swindlers have compromised security of their MT4 trading platform.

If you have become a victim of the RBFXPro scam, don’t stay silent. We’d like to hear your story, and extend a helping hand to aid you with recovering your money. You may book a free consultation with our team of professionals with the live chat on our website.

RBFXPro is a completely illegal entity, operating with no license or authorization from any financial regulator.

Scammers have made sure to prevent any withdrawals from RBFXPro by using a cold cryptocurrency wallet

You may expect the RBFXPro scammers to charge additional money up front in order to approve a withdrawal, as their site does not contain any fees, commission or other charges.

RBFXPro withdrawal might be impossible without legal intervention. You may book a free consultation with our recovery experts and begin your chargeback process through the live chat on our site.

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