Qumas AI Review: Is Qumas.com a Legitimate Crypto Robot?

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When cryptocurrencies gained popularity, so did online scams related to them. There are many fraudsters claiming to offer a unique bot AI technology that predicts the market.

Since very few of such software is genuine, we’re always skeptical. Hence, this detailed Qumas AI review.


Qumas AI is advertised as a secure and user-friendly platform with easy-to-use learning tools. The creator, a person only known as Robert, says that there are over 35,000 people who are already benefiting from this immense tool.

Allegedly, the platform provides access to AI tools that analyze the market and find potential trading opportunities. However, the company needs regulation since it deals with finance and accepts customer funds.

Their Contact section indicates that the firm is registered in Ireland. Upon checking with the Central Bank, the main regulatory body of the country, we found no results. In addition, we’re stunned by the lack of details related to owner and financial security.

Most users explained how they signed up for an ad showing Elon Musk or Graham Norton but were harassed into investing. What’s worse, it seems that the company is reselling customer details since most people who signed up were called a number of times, each time from a different number, even a different country.

As per Reddit, users are reporting a similar situation, with fraudulent ads asking for a deposit. All in all, the entire experience seems to be negative.

Just like Bitcoin Era and many similar fraudulent sites, Qumas AI plays on new technologies and people’s inexperience. They’re using deepfake videos and fake images to show celebrity endorsements. Once hooked, customers are prompted to pay an initial sum of 250 USD/EUR/GBP.

Some testimonies mention that the clients were approached by a different company, Investlux, Astro Holdings, etc. It shows that this is nothing but an affiliate campaign created to manipulate users and resell their contact details.

According to the traffic analysis, the majority of broker victims come from:

And yet, most brokers who purchase customer information are unregulated and offshore.

According to the website, Qumas AI login is done through a user-friendly platform. However, reviewing it before registering and paying the initial deposit is impossible. We assume this is due to the fact that the company is not a trading provider but aims to sell your details to other brokers.

Whatever the case, we don’t believe in their story about advanced technology. Since we have already proved that all their adverts are false, including Elon Musk and other celebrities, we are not surprised to see a lack of vital information regarding the platform.

Of course, there are no mobile apps for Android and iOS either.

Once you sign up to trade, you expect to profit. The company listed several payment options for a deposit, including:

However, they didn’t specify anything related to payouts. There’s no Qumas AI Withdrawal Policy, and other legal documents are just blank. Presumably, this is due to the fact that you’re not actually trading with the said firm but with a broker that buys your details.

Sadly, Qumas AI support is not available, despite them promising 24h assistance. Hence, we couldn’t get any information about the payment system or the time necessary to process this payout. All in all, we don’t think it’s possible.

If you were scammed by Qumas AI or any similar affiliate campaign, taking action immediately is important. Report the case to the relevant authorities and your bank. In addition, contact our Global Fraud Protection chargeback specialists.

Our financial fraud experts will evaluate your case during a free, non-obligatory consultation. We’re here to assist you with this issue and help you get your hard-earned money back.

Qumas AI is not a legitimate affiliate campaign. The company is unlicensed and resells your details to unregulated brokers. In case of any issues, we might be able to help.

Qumas promises a trading platform that employs AI technology to predict the market.

Qumas AI requires clients to deposit a minimum of $250 to start trading.

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