QRS Global Review: Don’t Trust a Word From This Vicious Scammer

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As it turns out, nothing we read on the QRS Global website is accurate. Therefore, we invite you not to trust it and to exercise caution if you stumble upon this broker.

Our detailed QRS Global review will show you some of the most concerning red flags. Furthermore, we’ll guide you on how to get your money back if you are scammed.

Now that we know this broker is nothing but a fraud, let’s see how QRS Global scam is perpetrated.

Usually, scam brokers advertise their offers through social media channels, posing as legitimate investment firms. Our QRS Global here is no exception.

The brokerage advertises a 30% deposit bonus and various other promotions. They promote their Facebook and Instagram channels, inviting clients to contact them and ask about winning an additional $100 to $1,000.

However, once you register, all you will get is the pressure to deposit. And while the minimum deposit is pretty low, starting at $10, you will soon hear how that’s not enough. Broker account managers will push you to upgrade your account and constantly invest more, all under the excuse of gaining more. Of course, once you ask for a payout, you will face a blocked account.

Of course, there are many more victims and many more countries. Wherever you reside, avoid this brokerage house by all means.

For a brief minute, QRS Global trading platform looked like something positive. The company advertises MT4, one of the best software today, with 10 million downloads only on Google Play Store.

However, once we downloaded it, we found several problems. First of all, the software is MT5, not MT4. Second, it belongs to another company, Amp Global Ltd, and it’s just a Demo version. Therefore, you can test trading strategies but not access your trading account.

While MetaTrader typically comes with dedicated Android and iOS mobile apps, we have already concluded that this company doesn’t offer one. Therefore, is unknown how is the QRS Global login done.

The company advertises access to four major groups of instruments traded through CFDs:

However, none of this can be confirmed without the platform access.

If you still care, which we highly doubt at this point, you can choose between four accounts:

All accounts have the same initial deposit and the same leverage of up to 1:500. The spread starts from 0.06 pips for the Cent and Standard swap-free one, while the other two have somewhat lower fees.

The Raw spread account is the only one with the swap and $3 commission per trade, while all other accounts have no trading costs. This is quite odd as it means that the brokerage doesn’t make any profit from your trading, meaning they aim to steal your entire deposit.

The company allows two payment methods:

The first is an unknown payment processor, meaning you’re risking your money. The second is a cryptocurrency, meaning that the transaction is anonymous and protected via blockchain. This is the reason why scheme brokers prefer to take your money via crypto, as they believe you cannot retrieve it.

You should know that there are methods and ways to track and trace digital coins. Get in touch with our experts for help with the matter.

Let us know if QRS Global, Fiatom, or any similar fraudulent broker scammed you. Our chargeback experts and CipherTrace crypto analysts will evaluate your case in detail and find a way to assist you with the matter.

Don’t give up on your hard-earned money. Book a free consultation today, and let’s get the funds back before this scammer disappears with them!

QRS Global is an unregulated online trading fraud. If you experience any problems with your trading account, book a free consultation with our recovery specialists immediately.

QRS Global asks its customers for a relatively low initial deposit of $10.

You can trade CFDs on indices, shares, and Forex, but not crypto.

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