PSLUS Review – Fake Investment Firm With Theft On The Agenda

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With PSLUS, the idea of simplicity by design gets a whole new meaning. This investment firm takes everything, and gives nothing in return. Their website is more reminiscent of an Excel spreadsheet than an actual investment firm portfolio. When you try to register a new PSLUS Login, they require an invitation code, which is always a bad sign. This firm is completely anonymous, and without a license.

Follow our PSLUS Review to see how this scam operates, and find out how to avoid such frauds in the future.

PSLUS is an anonymous firm, and their website holds no corporate credentials whatsoever. This lack of information includes the headquarters nation, or any license information. The swindlers behind PSLUS are offering their services in some of the most heavily regulated areas, which is a good starting point for our investigation.

Of course, a firm that offers financial advice and handles client investments as an intermediary must have a valid license. Checking the company registers of BaFIN, FCA, CONSOB and NFA did not return any license information.

When we inquired the database of the FMA, we found the following warning:

This made it clear that PSLUS is indeed a scam company.

Anonymous companies like PSLUS that have no online presence besides a website are often called Boiler Rooms. They rely heavily on paid telemarketing campaigns, which employ so-called Boiler Room Agents.

PSLUS has been peddling their foul business since 2018, which explains why they have found themselves on the FMA blacklist. The nations in which these swindlers offer their services have developed economies.

Here are the areas with the most PSLUS activity:

Of course, these aren’t the only nations where PSLUS hunts. We offer our assistance in asset recovery around the globe, and you may rely on the help of our experts in resolving problems with PSLUS.

The website is so shabby it holds no information about a discrete trading terminal. Instead, the site itself is oriented towards mobile devices, and works as a platform by itself. Knowing how these fraudulent companies operate however, it is very likely that all so-called investments are handled via a phone call.

This is far removed from the current industry standard software like MT4, MT5 or cTrader. This works in the frauds’ favor, as it does not allow the clients of PSLUS to reliably check the status of their investments.

Allegedly, PSLUS allow their clients to invest in a number of financial opportunities. These include a variety of different companies, as well as some commodities. None of the well-known corporate giants such as Airbus, Coca-Cola or IKEA are on the list, however. They may even be just bogus “placeholder” firms which act as potentially profitable startups.

Here is what you may invest with on PSLUS:

The limited information that is available on PSLUS does not include anything about client accounts. When we tried to research this topic for the purposes of our PSLUS Review, we couldn’t obtain an invitation code. The creation of the PSLUS Login is entirely in the hands of Boiler Room Agents.

PSLUS does not disclose any legal documentation on their website. Without Terms and Conditions, we couldn’t find any info on fees, taxes, commission or anything else. PSLUS doesn’t advertise these costs either.

Shady companies like PSLUS often invent a myriad of very expensive fees and charges in order to siphon the money from their victims more effectively. Firms that are reliable and with a proven track record will always display this information in a prominent way.

The lack of information works against the PSLUS clients, and in favor of the frauds. There is no mention of any financial channels on the part of the website that is open to the public. Some of the scam victims have told us that PSLUS uses cryptocurrency transfers.

Swindlers usually default to crypto transfers in order to hide their profits and avoid taxes and persecution. Without specialized software, it’s impossible to track these transactions. If you have any issue with your PSLUS withdrawals, we offer help in resolving them.

PSLUS is an unregistered investment firm fraud that operates in many areas of the world. The authorities from New Zealand have issued a fraud warning to the general public about PSLUS. The website does not contain data about any of the most important aspects of investment.

Our team of experts have an excellent success rate in helping people recover from scams just like PSLUS. If you have any issues with PSLUS withdrawal, do not hesitate to contact us via the live chat. Our first consultation is free, and you may book it 24/7.

No, PSLUS is a full blown scam that steals money from their clients. Better stay away from this firm.

No, PSLUS is a known fraudulent entity. The FMA from New Zealand has issued a warning about this impostor company.

PSLUS allegedly offers investing in Stocks, Metal Futures, Agricultural Futures, Energy Futures and Cryptocurrency Futures.

The website has no contact information. If you have troubles getting in touch with PSLUS and withdrawing your funds, contact our recovery experts for legal help.

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