PrimesFX Review – Primarily A Thief Than Anything Else

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PrimesFX asserts that they’re an industry leader when it comes to Forex and CFD trading. The website is clogged with promises about prioritizing clients’ needs and trading preferences.

A broker that invests as much as they claim in delivering a powerful, user-friendly, and fair trading platform should, first of all, be regulated. 

That’s the first and most important aspect where this company fails. Despite the UK registration, the agency wasn’t regulated by any supervisory authority. Our PrimesFX review points out major risks you take up when investing with such a conduct.

Moreover, the firm doesn’t hold any other reputable licenses issued by leading regulatory bodies like BaFin, CySEC, CFTC and ASIC. According to that logic, we can determine that this agency isn’t suitable for investments.

The skilled phone salesmen will have you believe the unrealistic promises of quick gain and huge wealth awaiting you at their shady site. Sadly, the pestering doesn’t cease even after you deposit – on the contrary. 

Persistent phone calls seem like they never end. When the payout time comes, that is when the masks fall and your broker of choice becomes your worst nightmare. 

Since the first installment, back in the beginning of 2022, this sham is actively working on recruiting traders from all over the world, with a preference for English-speaking areas:

The deceptive methods will easily have you manipulated into investing – they’re just that convincing. Restoring your lost deposit is a tough process, but our legal experts can help you overcome these troubles and safely get your money back. 

When a dubious broker offers you trading on a most prestigious technological solution today, it can never be good. Too bad for MT5, known as the most advanced, reliable and fast trading software in the industry. It isn’t rare to see unlicensed service providers offering demo versions of premium terminals, only to seem more credible. 

To acquire login credentials into the broker’s server, you first need to pass a detailed KYC procedure. It isn’t recommended to reveal your personal information to a shady service.

To download the PrimesFX app, the site directs you to the MetaQuotes pages on Google and Apple store. 

Another failed attempt to seem like they offer the best terminal, while having nothing of value to compete with. If you want to test the demo version of this product, you can download it by yourself.

It isn’t clarified anywhere on the website what financial instruments are available for trading. The site vaguely mentions Forex and CFDs, but without specifying which tradable products can you buy and sell. 

While the dubious site boasts on providing a couple of hundred different products, you cannot trust their word for it without any proof.

The whole array of PrimesFX accounts only consists of one poorly presented package type. Deceptively manipulating your interest, the firm will have you believe you could open live or demo at any point, but that is not true. 

Not even declaring the price of the account, the PrimesFX scam will insist on your account being the most feature-rich and adjustable to your trading expectations.

If there’s one credible proof of a platform being illicit, then that’s the maximum leverage they offer. In this case, you are given the option of trading under the maximum exposure of 1:500. Needless to mention that the ratio of 1:30 is the most you’d be allowed by a regulated UK broker.

The trading service in question remains fully untransparent when it comes to fees and other commissions and taxes. Hidden fees is yet another red flag that signifies the lack of honesty.

In such cases, you should absolutely avoid investing anything at all – your hard earned money passes through anonymous channels for you never to be able to restore it. 

As long as you don’t sit being ashamed of what’s happened to you, there’s hope to recover what was lost. You have to take the matter in your own hands- no con artist will feel remorse for stealing your cash and give it back! 

That’s why our service exists. Our professional chargeback team can walk you through the particularities of the process. You can also get legal support in a dispute when you deem it needed. All you have to do is contact us via the online chat and book your free appointment at any time!

This is an illicit conduct operating for the purpose of defrauding unsuspecting traders.

No, the business may be legally incorporated, but they still lack a license. If withdrawal issues occur, consult our legal professionals immediately.

There’s a mobile app but doesn’t offer trading on proprietary servers.

There are claims that Demo is available, but upon registration you can only choose the live trading account.

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