Prime Forexlyfe Review – A Company Suspicious About Many Things

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Once you check the Prime Forexlyfe website you will first recognize a poor design. Also, they don’t reveal any ownership or address information. Therefore, you have already too many warning signs.

On top of that, the company doesn’t reveal any conditions, costs or policies. So, you can expect plenty of manipulations. To learn how to avoid those and recognize them from a mile away, read this Prime Forexlyfe review carefully.

Prime Forexlyfe investment firm is an absolute scam, primarily due to a lack of regulations. They have no licenses, starting with CFTC and NFA. Also, they don’t have any other top-tier regulations, such as FCA, BaFin or ASIC. Therefore, all the protection, features and benefits they offer, become absolutely questionable.

Of course, the company presents you with fictive deposits and withdrawals, which is not a part of the contract with regulated companies. In general, would you like to have anyone expose your withdrawal amount and name? Definitely no.

Even though the Prime Forexlyfe complaints are not available, you can recognize their scamming pattern. They will bombard inexperienced traders with ads and with aggressive sales make them deposit. Of course, as long as you keep it that way, everything is nice and shiny.

Yet, once people want to withdraw the money, the rollercoaster starts. agents will make all the possible excuses not to give you your money back. After a while, once they realize you are not going to deposit more money, they can freeze your account and vanish. If you were as well in this situation, feel free to contact us for refund options.

Prime Forexlyfe Financial is primarily targeting two countries. Those are: 

But if you are coming from any of those and you are scammed by this company, contact us. Our refund specialists can guide you step-by-step through the funds recovery process.

Without transparent access to the platform, you can’t expect a trusted mobile app from the company. Therefore, all mobile users will have to enjoy the complications of web browsers.

According to the company, there is a very wide range of instruments offered. However, without regulations everything is highly suspicious. Some of the investment options are: 

Important to realize is that the company doesn’t have any account type classification. In fact, none of their investment conditions are known. So, instead of throwing your hard-earned money away, you should opt for licensed and more transparent companies.

A huge disadvantage with this broker is a lack of a demo account. This way they prevent traders from seeing their conditions and features. Not something you want to see with a company. Especially not with the one you should trust your money with.

Considering the company’s presentation, they don’t offer leverage higher than 1:30. Which would comply with many regulations. Yet, without regulations, it all could be fake, especially with the broker that claims to be in the US, but operates without any US license.

Currently, PrimeForexlyfe doesn’t offer any bonuses. But without transparent legal documents, it’s hard to see if there are any shady clauses. Most of the time there are. So, be careful if you are accepting any benefits from the investment firm.

After reviewing all the facts, you can only hope for a withdrawal from this company. Primarily, they operate without any trusted licenses and legal documents. Not to mention poor contact options, lack of transparency and missing legal documents. Especially withdrawal policies.

Your first choice is always to talk to domestic regulators. But very often, they are not bothering with chargebacks or refunds. Unless the company is a part of compensation scheme.

So, our honest advice is to contact us and book your first free appointment. You can find there your refund solutions without any obligations. Instead of wasting time and thinking about lost money, it’s time to take a step forward and get it back. Contact us today!

Prime Forexlyfe is a fake investment firm operating without any regulations or transparent ownership and location details.

Not at all. None of the US or any top-tier regulators hold any records of this firm having a license.

The company offers a wide range of investment opportunities. Thus, without regulations, all of those are completely fictive.

Definitely not. Without transparent conditions, you can only face issues. If you already did, contact our chargeback specialists for assistance.

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