Prime Earners Review – In-depth Analysis Of Features and Security

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Once you see that this company doesn’t reveal any ownership information, you already start wondering are they scam. Not to mention multiple location irregularities. 

Primarily, the company claims to operate from Singapore but there is an address from the US. On top of that, they have an office in the UK. But to find out why these things don’t add up, read this Prime Earners review carefully.

In the first place, let’s verify if the company is regulated. With so-called addresses in Singapore, they should be regulated by MAS. But, the research on that register didn’t bring any results. Consequently, the results were always the same for any trusted regulator. Starting with FCA, BaFin, ASIC and CFTC.

After this, you can be assured that their certificates of incorporation are completely fake. If they are any close to a legit company, they would have a license.

Important to realize is that the company doesn’t offer you fixed returns on the website. But as soon as you register, they will tell you that you have some return with their investment services. Of course, once you start making more money you’ll be persuaded to put more.

But guess what. If you deposit $5K, they give a portion of it to another newbie. That way the newbie thinks they are gaining money and deposits more. And round and round like that. So, if you fall for this trap contact our refund team immediately.

Leave a comment below or contact us directly and share your experience with this company. In the best-case scenario, we can advise you on how to get your money back.

Another key fact is that the Prime Earners scam doesn’t reveal any trading software. Practically, they will present you with a fictive web-based platform where you can monitor your account. But that’s far from true. 

Instead, you should choose a Tier 1 licensed broker with trusted software, like MetaTrader or cTrader.

In general, instruments offered by unregulated companies are often questionable. This is simply because the agents manipulate market data, especially if they have non-trusted software. Nevertheless, this company claims to offer: 

Account types with regulated brokers present you motivation to deposit and trade more. But scam companies often show you how much they want to steal from you. So, expect persuasions on every occasion to upgrade your account. In this case, the options are:

Of course, this company is hiding all of its technology. But they advertise it proudly. Anyway, it doesn’t make sense to brag about advanced technology and not show it. So, a demo account is not a part of their offer.

Another key warning sign is the missing investment conditions. In fact, the Prime Earners scam company doesn’t reveal any. Apparently, your job is to deposit money and let them do the hard work.

Considering the lack of regulations and many irregularities about location, then no. After all, the company doesn’t even have transparent legal documents and a withdrawal policy. Everything is unknown, starting with fees and processing time. But with their shady funding methods, there is nothing more to expect.

Since the company is scamming traders from strictly regulated countries, reporting to regulators is a nice move. But in the end, everyone wants their money back. For those purposes, you might need access to our CipherTrace technology to track crypto transfers. But to find out more, we strongly suggest you book a consultation with our experts.

Prime Earners is a fake investment firm operating from a practically unknown location since 2022. But they claim to have offices in Singapore, the US and the UK.

No. Prime Earners is not regulated by any trusted regulator. Therefore, all their statements and offers become highly suspicious.

They offer various investment plans for investments in crypto and securities. But without transparent investment conditions and withdrawal policies.

No. The company is not safe for many reasons. But if you already have and experienced withdrawal issues, you can contact our chargeback team for refund assistance.

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