Polinur Review – Key Features and Red Flags About The Company

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Polinur Me Limited is the company that registered its domain in 2022. Allegedly, they are registered in Hong Kong.

Also, the company is not fully transparent in many aspects which raises suspicion among investors. On the positive side, this scheme is quickly exposed, and to find out how, stay tuned with our Poliur review.

Instead, they earned a warning from the Russian Central Bank in July 2022. With this in mind, you know that this company shouldn’t be your first choice.

Practically, the company offers traders guaranteed returns of up to 2.4% daily. The key problem is that nobody can guarantee you anything in the financial markets. Also, the company quoted lower percentages to make it look more realistic.

However, the principle is always the same. In case you are on the 2nd level and deposited $5.000 they pay out from that a few other newbies. Once they think it’s real, it’s very easy to persuade them to deposit more money. All that goes in a circle until the company finally vanishes. To know how to recognize such scams and recover money from these or similar endeavors, get in touch with our team today!

Even though the company is freshly registered in 2022 it was quickly exposed by traders and regulators. Their scammed victims mainly come from:

Primarily, you should always double-check with domestic regulators. Unless you are sure about the broker, you should avoid it. In case you were involved in anything like this, book your free consultation for advice on further steps.

As with any other MLM scheme, you can’t expect much transparency. In this case, the Polinur scam company doesn’t reveal the software they are using to invest money.

Practically, you just have to trust them on their word. But for the company that doesn’t share any ownership information that’s a huge red flag.

Same as with general information about the software, they lack information about mobile apps. As can be seen, the company has just under 10.000 clients. According to their own statement, of course.

But if you compare it with the trusted MetaTrader amount of users, only on Play Store you can see there is more than 10 million users. That tells you exactly where to go.

Obviously, the company is fake. Therefore all their offers become questionable. To make it even worse, the company doesn’t share any information about investment plans or assets they are investing in.

However, by depositing money into their crypto wallet you are investing directly into their pockets.

With Polinur scam you don’t have standard account types. Unlike with many other regulated brokers, you have a compensation scheme.

The levels are:

Since the company allegedly invests for you, there is no demo account available. Yet, if you check any Tier 1 licensed broker you will realize how transparent they are. But most importantly, what risk-free options they provide for traders.

The company doesn’t reveal any investment information whatsoever. Neither any information about fees or commissions.

Practically, your job is to invest money and relax. But if you want, you can bring more people in. In general, they are selling you your dream of collecting money without effort.

In general, MLM schemes allow you to withdraw smaller sums of money. But that’s just the trick to get you into depositing more.

Once they get the desired amount from you, you can’t get any more withdrawals. This is proven through Polinur reviews.

Firstly, let us know about your experience with this company. With adequate analysis, our specialized team can prepare a strategy for you to recover the money. You don’t have many other options since they are not regulated.  

Considering the crypto transfers as main funding method, you might need our CipherTrace services. Amazing software that can track crypto transfers and assist you in the money recovery process. Forget about headaches and book your consultation now! It’s free, don’t waste any time.

Polinur company offers fake investment services in the form of a classic Ponzi scheme and steals money from investors.

No. The company doesn’t offer any kind of bonuses because they offer you instant return on investments.

Absolutely. Even the Russian Central Bank issued a warning against them. If you need assistance or advice on how to recover the money, get in touch with our professionals

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