PHANTOMGLOBAL Review – Warning Signs All Over The Place

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According to the company, they are registered in the United States. They even provide a registration number, but NFA doesn’t have anyone registered under it.

PHANTOMGLOBAL broker is an absolute scam. In the first place, they are promising profits, which is generally unreasonable. But also, they are not licensed by any Tier 1 authority, starting with CFTC, FCA, BaFin or ASIC.

Practically, all looks like a Ponzi scheme. The company will motivate you to deposit more money for higher returns. But in the end, they can show you fictive results on your account.

However, once you want to withdraw your money they tie it up with another investment or contract. In any case, without regulations, they can do whatever they want. But if you experience any issues during withdrawal, contact our refund experts for assistance.

After a warning from BaFin, it’s just a matter of time before other warnings will pile up. But you should be extremely aware if you are coming from specially targeted countries. Scammed traders mainly come from: 

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PHANTOMGLOBAL doesn’t reveal any details about the investment platform. You’ll most likely have access to a fictive portfolio and account balance. Nevertheless, you should opt for trusted third-party investment software. Not to mention to choose a licensed company.

In general, this firm is not particularly precise about the instruments offered. They just briefly mention a few categories. Those are: 

Investment plans with PHANTOMGLOBAL are a clear sign of an investment scam. They can provide you with a 95% return on investment in 5 days, but only if you deposit $ 15,000. 

But don’t you think they could invest their own money if the company is so successful? Anyway, investment plans are:

Understandably, a demo account is not a part of their offer. If the broker is licensed, then it would be reasonable to trust them with investments. Otherwise, it’s better to find another broker with a trusted license, software, and demo account.

Practically, there are no specific fees with the PHANTOMGLOBAL investment firm. You have that minimum deposit, and that’s it. Everything else should be yours. But only in fairytales. 

Think about the fact that the broker doesn’t reveal any commissions. Then how are they making their profits?

Even though a welcome bonus is not available, there is a referral bonus. There are four levels with payouts from 10, 3, 2, and 1% of the deposited amount. Now, you should perceive it more like a Ponzi scheme after all.

Considering very poor legal documents and withdrawal policy, no. But even if they have it, the company is not licensed, and there is a warning against them. If they are allowing any withdrawals, the situation would be the opposite.

As you can see, reporting a company to the authorities can do the job. But in the end, all of them vanish and rise from the ashes like a phoenix. Just under a different name. Now you know how to protect your funds. But if someone has already stolen your money, you need to know how to recover it.

There are a few refund options available depending on the payment methods. The fastest is chargeback, but a CipherTrace tracking can be useful as well. To find out your best choice, book a first free consultation with our refund experts now!

Definitely no. The company is not registered in the US as they claim neither are they licensed. On top of that, BaFin issued a warning against them.

The PHANTOMGLOBAL company offers fake investment plans with promised fixed daily returns.

Not at all. Everything about this company looks like a Ponzi scheme that will extract your last funds.

Most likely forever. Therefore, we suggest you use alternative refund methods to get your money back. For assistance with those, contact our refund specialists today!

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