Onenfx Review – Marshall Islands As Home For Shady Deal Proposers

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Onenfx offers an unparalleled trading experience. That is, if you consider being scammed an otherworldly pleasure. The offshore firm that runs this unscrupulous scheme is completely unknown to any financial authority in the world. 

Better don’t throw your cash down the drain and read this Onenfx review to learn how to ensure a safe trading environment for yourself.

What we found is that neither do the prominent regulators like FCA, CySEC and BaFin know anything of this suspicious service provider. Without any legit Forex license, safety of funds is not guaranteed. 

Rookie traders and professionals alike surely meet persistent phone agents selling once-in-a-lifetime deals at least once during their trading career. 

These boiler room employees describe their propositions as the most lucrative investment ever, and make you feel like you will definitely be missing out on a chance to get rich quickly. 

Do not be fooled by the sweet talking, though. Your investment is doomed to be misused and you will lose even more with time, as long as the illusion of riches lingers.

In spite of operating for a little less than a year, the financial swindler has managed to convince a number of traders to invest in their deal. Statistics show that their operations are focused on these countries:

A functional Onenfx platform doesn’t exist. It is replaced by a bogus software – Sirix, that is completely artificial and allows no actual trading to be done. The whole trading environment is simulated and controlled in a way that would push victims into more senseless investing until capital loss.

When no real trading is being conducted, the presence of any financial products is completely pointless. Despite of that, the false platform still tries to complete their offer with several asset groups:

Notorious personal account managers are the leading feature available for every Onenfx account. To sell the overpriced packages easier, webinars, trading signals and bonuses are also included. None of that probably exists on the site and is just another falsification. Either way, here’s the ridiculous pricing summed up:

As if dangerously high exposure is desired, the Onenfx login unlocks leverage of up to 1:1000, the more you pay. 

Because the company’s website doesn’t reveal any of the trading fees and commissions, we had to resort to the information from inside the defunct software. 

Here, the starting spreads on EUR/USD are 4 pips, which is far more expensive than any regulated broker would offer you.

Shady circumstances like bonuses are known to cause withdrawal issues. After all, that’s why illicit online trading services providers initiate them and reputable regulators forbid them. 

Onenfx bonuses come in several variants and up to 100% on first deposit. No legal documents explain the withdrawal procedure related to these, of course.

Account funding with this firm is done through credit cards and wire transfers. If you were to try and deposit any amount to your account, the client area will go blank. 

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No, this is just an offshore fraudulent scheme set up to lure in unsuspecting investors.

The minimum amount to invest with this firm is $1,000.

Sirix web trader is the only available platform.

Withdrawals fees aren’t revealed so expect huge taxes. Better contact our support team for a quick money recovery.

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