Okmiu Review: This Crypto Scam Must Be Stopped Immediately

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After stumbling upon this dubious crypto exchange with a poorly designed website and a shady appearance, we decided to investigate. The Okmiu Review contains all of our findings, which are alarming, to say the least.

So is Okmiu legit and why not? We shall first analyze the Okmiu license or lack thereof. Namely, the Okmiu Limited company is allegedly based in Estonia. The bogus website claims that the entity is registered with the Financial Intelligence Unit.

This warning implies that the company is not eligible to provide services in any country of the European Economic Area, as the same laws and regulations apply in this area. We don’t recommend you trade on an unregulated exchange so please avoid this scammer. 

If you are a victim of the Okmiu scam, you need to seek out professional help. We can assist you in the fund recovery process.

I confirm the negative reviews. After linking on WhatsApp, the linked on tinder was removed by chinese woman, so that her profile could not be reported. After the first withdraw I sent a larger amount (more than 10000EUR) which can no longer be withdrawn. With the justification send another 9000 EUR and then it will be posible to withdrawn…

100% scam website. Do not put any money into this. They might let you withdraw your first small amount, so that you deposit more and you’ll never see any of your money again. Invited to Okmiu by a Chinese scammer. This is an extremely elaborate scam, do NOT fall for it please, no matter how legit it may look. I only lost 1000, however my friend lost over 9000£.

We think the aforementioned reviews perfectly explain how the scam works. Namely, the financial swindler reels in unsuspecting victims by promising hefty and lucrative returns in a short time period. 

Then, Okmiu invites them into a private WhatsApp group, supposedly the Okmiu contact chat, to make the whole scheme seem legit. The problems start when traders request a withdrawal. Either they won’t be able to get it or the scammer will demand an insane upfront fee. If you don’t comply, Okmiu will just ignore you and cease all communication.

Keep in mind that it’s illegal for a company to ask for an upfront fee. They can charge a withdrawal fee on the amount you want to pull out but they cannot demand that you pay more money just to perform your request.

Help us crack down on this scam. Book a free consultation with us if you have any useful information. 

The Okimu login page blocked us from seeing the trading platform. And since there’s no demo account, we couldn’t access the online trading terminal without investing real funds.

Taking into account everything that has already been said about the scam in this review, we certainly weren’t going to risk it. Nevertheless, web-based platforms are usually lackluster and ineffective.

Trading extremely volatile assets such as crypto tokens on an unreliable platform with no live reports is not recommended. Okmiu does not support valid third-party trading software such as MT4, MT5, or cTrader, nor does the company offer a mobile trading app.

At least the scammer provided an overview of the available markets, i.e. tradeable assets:

Basically, all the popular crypto coins can be traded against US Tether. As for the Okmiu fees, the scammer did not transparently list the classic maker/taker fees for crypto trading and instead just mentioned a 0.045% commission as a transaction cost. 

The whole website is a huge mess full of fumbled and unreliable information, which is why you should stay away from this exchange.

It’s highly unlikely that this company will perform your withdrawal request. The available payment methods were not disclosed, which is alarming.

From our experience with shady crypto exchanges, we assume that this company accepts payments via cryptocurrencies because this method of money transfer suits scammers the most.

Crypto transactions allow the cyber con artist to remain anonymous and are considered virtually nonrefundable. However, that’s not the case because there is a way. Crypto payments can be traced using advanced software such as CipherTrace. Once the wallet with the money has been pinned down, you can request a refund from the exchange.

To sum up, Okimu is an anonymous and shady crypto exchange scam. The main targets of this scam are traders living in Spain, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. This company is blacklisted by the Spanish regulator so do not invest money in this platform. 

If you fell victim to this terrible scam, do not despair. In order to get your money back from Okmiu, you’ll need professional assistance. Luckily for you, Global Fraud Protection has a team of experts that can trace your transaction and help you retrieve your hard-earned money.

Book a free consultation with us today and start the fund recovery process.

Okmiu is not a legit crypto exchange. This anonymous scammer is blacklisted by the Spanish CNMV.

Okmiu is pretending to be a legit exchange for crypto trading. Behind the mask lies a cunning scammer.

Okmiu did not reveal the amount of the withdrawal fee. The website just mentions that transactions cost 0.045%

Not disclosed. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll be able to withdraw from Okmiu, which is why it’s important to contact us in case of issues.

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